Sunland, California resident Mike Livingston shattered a more than 30-year record when he landed a yellowfin tuna weighing an incredible 405.2 pounds. The mega cow tuna had a measured girth of 61 1/2 inches and measured 85 3/4 inches from nose to tail. Photos by: Bill Roeker and Paul Sweeney of
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Livingston and Captain Mike Lackey (pictured here) caught the monster tuna during a 10-day expedition aboard the Vagabond, an 80-foot deluxe sportfisher, off the west coast of Magdalena Bay on the southern Baja California peninsula.
The standing yellowfin record was caught in 1977 and weighed 388 pounds and 12 ounces.
But Livingston’s tuna isn’t an official record yet. His catch will be submitted to the International Game Fish Association for record approval, and if all IGFA rules were followed, the fish will then become a world record.
Captain Lackey said as soon as they hooked the tuna they knew it was a big one, but they had no idea it would be a potential world record. “We didn’t realize just how big it was until it was about 10 feet away from the the boat,” Lackey says.
A 400-pound tuna doesn’t swim to the boat without putting up fight. The fish went on four different drag-burning runs that almost spooled Livingston’s reel, but Livingston was able to stop him just short each time.
Finally after 2 hours and 40 minutes, Livingston hauled the fish to the boat.
“When they put the gaff in, it was an unbelievable sight,” Lackey said.
Amazingly, Livingston caught the fish on 100-pound tackle.
You can see video footage by from the weigh in here:
The big catch wasn’t a fluke. Livingston and Lackey had gone out looking for big fish only. They set up in an area where Lackey knew there would be 200-pound fish, and then they waited.
“On a trip like that [we’ll] sit there for four or five days for one bite, but it will be ‘the bite’ … it’s quality fish we’re after,” Livingston says.
After the fish was officially weighed, Livingston had it taken to a taxidermist where mounts will be made for both Livingston and the Vagabond Sportfishing Office. For more tuna fishing photos, video and information go to For more world record tuna click here.

Mike Livingston may have shattered the yellowfin tuna world record after hauling in this 405.2-pound monster.