Bikini Ice Fishing Calendar 2011

The calendar
Exotica Swimwear's Bikini Ice Fishing team is back with its 2011 calendar.
Pictured: Alexis
When they're not posing for photo shoots, the team travels the north attending ice fishing festivals.
Pictured: Brooke
They promote a variety of products and the sport of ice fishing in general.
One of the team's goals is to show women that ice fishing can be fun (even if it's not done in a bikini).
The team has been around for a few years, and as you can probably guess, it has been a huge hit with ice fishermen everywhere.
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On the ice
While the girls are more models than expert anglers, they do get out on the ice and actually fish.
You have to be tough to stand out on the ice in a bikini.
A good ice shanty is crucial for any bikini ice fishing team.
On stage
The team also has a stage performance that includes comedy, dancing and singing.
The jokes and songs are focused on ice fishing, but that's not the main reason most people attend these performances.
These photos were taken at the Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota.
Eelpout is a massive, weekend-long festival and the bikini ice fishing team was the star attraction.
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The team is also releasing a CD this year.
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The Bikini Ice Fishing team just released it's latest calendar. But these girls do more than just pose for photos, they also fish.