Fish Faces 2013

Kapi from FL
Boca is not just for tarpon Vote for your favorite shots at Salt Water Sportsman.
Mallory Herzog of @big__bully caught tagged & released this awesome lemon shark!
Stephanie is a friend of the Fishing Herald.

Fishing Herald
It has to go to this big ole fishy!!! Mary E
Tbt with m7y 10lb bass shawnee Nicole Rogers
Together @katelyn_palmer_ & @katie_buggg make it impossible for fish to get away. Katelyn Palmer
Kris Dove
A gorgeous girl and a gorgeous fish! jayxlev
Melissa on the boat today Rocky Cain
Mels first big redfish

Rocky Cain
Sarah Burress
Mermaid big__bully
Calusa Mangrove Mafia
Sierra Dragon showing off her third bull red of the morning at Tybee Island, Georgia pier.
Big coho Leanna Mae
Jenny from Texas
One of 8 bull Reds pulled in at the Port O'Connor, Texas jetties on cut bait and live crab
I love the keys.
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Gone fishing (: alexxbrice
I like my t rex fingers whatever I had tore my hand up lol katherinesmith04
Caught this monster #snapper in the Bahamas with @crack4fish vcard_boca
Goodmorning amandalynnferg
Yup another "look I caught a fish picture." What can I say I have a hobby that I'm passionate about. Interacting with nature fosters a spiritual sensation of my existence. spify_swifty
Two of the three keeper Reds this morning sarahburress
Another nice red from last weekend! @k_handley
I'll let you decide if this is worth it ARepko
Brannan from Ga
Alexandra Renwick with a nice 30 inch redfish.
Elizabeth from Fl
Fort Myers Beach resident & First Mate Liz Merriwether holding her Trout caught in the Backbay Waters of Estero Bay. Caught on live bait while on a drift, Sunday Sept. 8, 2013. On her 16 ft. Maverick flats fishing boat. What she catches she cleans & cooks!
Alexandra from GA
A nice bonnet head shark caught by Alexandra Renwick near tybee island, ga
Sharin from New Jersey with a few nice Fluke (flounder).
Her first red ever!!
Brigid from FL

Biggest fish of the day! 30lb Dolphin caught in Key Largo on the Jackpot. Vote on your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
my favorite fish
Shanna from Fl
Shanna's grouper. Shot off of Marathon, FL
kimberlee from FL
Common snook caught off the beach in Hobe SoundBrigid from FL
Biggest fish of the day! 30lb Dolphin caught in Key Largo on the Jackpot.
Roland from Ma
Nice striper from Plymouth Mass aboard the Jersey Girl.
Brigid from FL
I caught a 30lb Dolphin in Key Largo on the Jackpot
Nikki from Florida
55LB Dolphin I caught in the Florida Keys
Jennifer from SC
Wahoo caught out of Teach's Lair, OBX
Amy from TX
Reds in the surf!
Bow to the king! ktmacc
Pulling grouper up in the boat is my favorite

Great weekend in the glades whit_seignious
Heather from Fl
Heather of Bradenton Fl. with a nice slot redfish. muhrear
Michelle from Florida
Costa Rican Rooster Check out the latest and greatest fish babe shots from Instagram and our friends at Salt Water Sportsman.
"My other boyfriend is a tarpon."

@lillethhhh thanks for redfish fishingdaily
Bekah from Texas
Bekah and Katie with a couple grouper caught off of Duck Key, FL.
Slaying those groups! pic by: (@shelbylynmeyer) saltaddiction
Heather from FL
Heather with a nice Pine Island snook
Alex from MA
Nelly with a nice striped bass in the Boston Harbor.
Barbara from Florida
Barbara and her Mahi Bermuda June 2013
Charla from TX
Charla with her bull redfish caught off the surf in High Island, TX
Summer from LA
I caught this nice Dolphin while fishing with my husband on our boat in Key West. Blackened and grilled Louisiana style, it made for a great dinner that night!
Nicole from SC
Nicole landed the first mahi of the day in 130 feet of water off the coast of McClellanville, South Carolina. She is a five foot tall fishing machine, having caught several 36 inch plus red fish and is also pretty darn good with a cast net during shrimping season. Wish I could take credit, but she learned her skills from her father.
Guess what's for dinner! kamarono
Em from MA
Giant 74-inch bluefin tuna caught off of Stellwagen Bank out of Scituate, MA!
nice snook [Live Salty ](
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Dolores from CT
Dolores gets her first sea robin in Milford, CT.
The amazing @snicholea with a solid King! Instagram Fishing
Megan from AL
Jenny from TX
This 43-pound bull red was caught in March of 2013 at the "little jetties" in Port O'Connor, Texas. It was the first of eight over 30 pounds we pulled in that day! Tight Lines!
Susan from Ma
My first fish
Jessica from Florida
Went fishing in Islamorada, and caught 52 decent-sized dolphin and three tuna! They were swarming the boat! So hot outside I had to jump in the cooler with all the fish to cool down a little!
Landed another big Cobia with our gear!

Outdoor Exchange
Snook fishing at its finest. offishialbusiness
Great yellow fin caught by a great girl! Fishing Daily
Nice king fish from @joshcampbell95 thanks! -fishingdaily Vote for your favorite photos at Salt Water Sportsman.
Nice bull red I caught... happy birthday to meeee! taylo0rmade5
Debbie from FL
There is always great fishing at Okaloosa Island, Florida. Debbie caught this 36-inch redfish recently.
Adrienne from florida
Adrienne caught this kingfish a mile off the beach from John's Pass, near Madeira Beach. It took 30 minutes to reel in, but was worth every second.
Megan from Texas
Megan caught this 30-inch redfish while wadefishing in Texas.
Rosemary from Florida
Rosemary recently landed these two big gag groupers.
Carole from North Carolina
Carole Drewry with a nice mahi caught at the G Tower, about 20 miles east of Oregon Inlet.
Lisa from Florida
Lisa landed this red while fishing Charlotte Harbor.
Quick smooch before release. joincca
Sherri from Florida
Sherri caught this Spanish mackerel off Pompano Beach, Florida.
a real good fight, real tough fish fishdaily
Does it get any better? Salty
Kristen from Maryland
This striped bass was caught near Thomas Point Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay.
Dawn from fl
Dawn landed this 30-inch snook on 10-pound-test in the Everglades. Vote for your favorite photos at Salt Water Sportsman.
Jordyn from florida
Jordyn landed this monster while daytime swordfishing.
Stacy from Oklahoma
Stacy landed her first striper, weighing almost 30 pounds and measuring 29 1/2 inches long!
Camey from WA
60lb Rooster fish caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It took me 30 minutes to reel in. My first time using a fishing belt and only my fourth fishing trip ever!
Erika Marie from FL
Erika Marie with a nice catch of the day.
Shelby Gurley from Alabama
"Always out fishing the boys"
Mariah Martino from HI
Mahi Mahi caught on the north shore of Hawaii
Kamaron Owens from Virginia
Holly from Fl

Holly caught this swordfish off of Pompano Beach, FL. Vote for your favorite photo at: Salt Water Sportsman.
Jennifer from Texas
Jennifer landed this shark in Texas.
Annie from TX
Annie caught and released her first bull redfish while pier fishing in Port Aransas, Texas.
Deidra from Tx
Deidra doubled up on the wahoo.
P from OH
Her first mahi-mahi caught off the coast of Guatemala.
Doreen from NJ
Doreen caught this amberjack off Key West, Florida.
Helen from SC
Helen landed this morning mackerel.
Samantha Strickland from Florida
Laura Wood from Florida
Deja Ayon of Phoenix, AZ, putting away gear after a day on the water out of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Photo by Aaron Polkoski of Phoenix, AZ.
Kristy from FL
Countless catfish everywhere!
Sarah Jones from FL
Sarah Jones - Submitted by Curtiss Vaughn Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Candice Policastri from FL
Flats Fishing with my wife Candice. What a great catch! Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Nicole from FL
Nicole with a nice mangrove snapper and gag grouper.
Tracy from Florida
Tracy caught these grouper 30 miles out of Suwannee, FL in the Gulf of Mexico.
Hannah from Georgia
Hannah with her first striped bass ever.
Nicole from FL
Nicole caught a couple nice mangos (mangrove snapper) off Ft. Pierce, FL.
Erica from Texas
Erica landed this mess of fish at Matagorda Beach, Texas. Vote for your favorite photo here.
Beth from Texas

Beth Balderas lands her first Florida shark, a nurse shark.
Jill from TX
Jill Parker landed this nice red, fishing the flats at Baffin Bay in Texas.
Teresa from NY
Teresa Kihss landed this 7 1/2 lb fluke off the New York coast.
L from FL
A pair of tunas trolled off the 409 Humps, caught about 25 miles off Islamorada.
Lauren from Texas
Lauren at Snoose Creek, near Whale Pass, Alaska, hooked a 12-pound silver on a 9-weight fly rod.
Fish Faces 2012
Misty from TX
Misty Horton landed this bull redfish off the shore of Crystal Beach near Galveston, Texas.
Tawna Kingsley from Texas
Caught this Wahoo about 20 miles south of Key West. Best catch of the day fishing in an east wind! Please cast a vote for me, ok? Thank you!
Chelsea R. from Florida
Amber Price from VA
Brandi Smith from LA
Shannon from NC
Shannon landed this massive grouper on a recent trip.
Alysa from NJ
Alysa Evans landed this wahoo in Cabo. Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Aubree from MS
Aubree Racca caught her first-ever cobia.
Lauren from New Jersey
Queen Snapper in the Florida Keys :-)
Brooke Myers from Texas Vote for your favorite fish babe at Saltwater Sportsman
Victoria from North Carolina
Jordan from Fl

Jordan with a 22-pound, 34-inch cobia Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Danielle and Effie caught this bluefish on Danielle's father's boat, the Pathfinder, out of Westbrook, CT this summer.
Michelle from VA
Twice as nice! Caught these two monster flounder on one line!
Tina from NC
Tina's First Flounder!!!
Kami from FL
Kami and Beth after a nice day of lobstering in Miami Mini Season 2012
Nikki from La
Now thats a beauty! Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Terri from FL
First trip offshore and Terri caught this very nice Red Snapper.
Kaitlyn from SC
1st Dolphin and 1st offshore trip on the Reef Jerky, Charleston SC. I had a blast and cannot wait to go again.
Sarah from Florida
Sarah with the giant grouper surprise of the day. It took two people on gaffs to bring aboard "Firm Grip". Berry Islands, Bahamas
Jennie from MA
Jennie Edwards 47" Striper caught off the shore of Marblehead MA . Fish was released to be caught another day.
Amy from FL

Amy with her first ARS!
My daughter and I went fluke fishing this past weekend in Raritan Bay, Keyport NJ and she landed this 23.5 in 6.5 lb fluke. Her first of the season and she was thrilled. I hope you consider her for the fish babes photo contest.
Jessica from Georgia
Jess another day fishing...
Beth from LA
Beth handling one of the Gulf's big Red Snappers!
Brendin from ga
First ever cobia!
Melissa from IA
Melissa caught this jack under the seven mile bridge!
Brittany from MD
Brittany with a mid-summer 28 inch Rockfish; caught live lining spot in the Chesapeake Bay off Tilghman Island, Maryland.
Nina from NH
I caught this beautiful snook in Clearwater, Florida in mid June; it was only the third fish I'd ever caught. I learned a bunch of lessons that day: wear sunscreen, keep live bait in the water, and fishing is the only sport I'm good at. My high school guidance counselor did me a grave disservice by not telling me that professional angling is a career choice.
Mindi from VA
Kimberly from ct
My fishing babe. her Personal best Striper.
Brooke from Texas
Brooke's Redfish
Tracy from tx
Tracy with her 1st Ling
Paige from VA
This fish was caught of the coast of Virginia Beach, Va. I LOVE to fish. If I am not at home or at work you can find me fishing!
Nicole from MD
Nicole Higgins with a nice little tuny caught on 10lb test.
Christie from nc
Nice 26" Red Drum caught near marsh in Beaufort, NC
Jenny from NC
Jenny after the Big Rock
Kristy from Florida
Snapppy Snapp!!
Katelyn from NC
Katelyn Kincer fishing out of Ocean Isle Beach N.C.
Michelle from Calif
Michelle Roper shot this 54 lb Bohala on a recent freediving trip to Panama
Capt Lacey from FL
One of over 50 that we caught that evening in Fort Myers on greenbacks. - Capt Lacey
Kat from FL
"Happy Kat"
Camey from WA
60lb Rooster fish caught in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this June. It took me 30 minutes to reel in. My first time using a fishing belt and only my fourth fishing trip ever!
Erika Marie from FL
Erika Marie with a nice catch of the day.
Shelby Gurley from Alabama
"Always out fishing the boys"
A. Inman from Phuket
Wahoo @ Racha Noi Island, Phuket, Thailand.
Tracy Garrett from NC
54 pounds of love....Tracy with her big Mahi
Sara Blalock from FL
Picture taken in Jacksonville Florida, near the Dames Point Bridge. Vote for your favorite photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Patricia Jensen from WA
My wife, Patricia Jensen, and I had a great salmon/crabbing trip that day, limits on both, she wont hold big slimy salmon for pictures though. We were on Puget Sound just north of Seattle that day.
Jill Zednick from MS
A kiss for good luck. (Destin, Fl) Vote for your favorite fish babe photo at Salt Water Sportsman.
Dawna Fackrell from FL
Here is Dawna with a nice little Mangrove Snapper caught on the back side of Duck Key!
Marina Freeman from AL
Fishing for trout and caught this big 'ole boy instead!

Spring is finally here and the bite is on in warm waters around the country. Check out the latest and greatest fish babe shots from our friends at Salt Water Sportsman.