Blast from the Past: Trout

May 1962-Outdoor Life writer Bob Brown with his string of Minnesota lakers
May 1962- Outdoor Life cover "Trout On The Rocks"
April 1962- Big trout on Reindeer Lake of northern Saskatchewan
Illustration from the March 1962 feature "Spectacular Trout Find: North to the Last Frontier," in which pioneering anglers camping on Canada's Great Bear Lake find a rich load of unexploited gamefish.
April 1962- Anglers fish the Willoughby River, Vermont during spring rainbow run
July 1959- An early summer morning fishing flat-water pools in the Catskill Mountains
August 1959- Costa Rican trout
April 1960- Night fishing for big browns in the Farmington River in western Massachusetts
May 1962- Outdoor Life writer Bob Brown uses his partner's spin-cast outfit to bring a tiring trout to shore
October 1959- 5 and 8lbs rainbows caught on Montana's Duck Lake
May 1960- 18 1/2-pound silvered brownie from Argentina's Chimehuin River
Jan. 1959- Midwinter angler on New Hampshire's Winnipesaukee
May 1959- Trout skyrockets on Montana's Big Hole River
June 1960- Outdoor Life cover "East's Top Fishing"
April 1960- Spring trout fishing on New York's Espous River
March 1962- Northern California's eagle Lake
April 1962- Outdoor Life writer Charles Elliot with his catch on Reindeer Lake