Farewell to Winter

Winter is finally over! While much of the country is buried in snow, the official start of spring was on Monday. But before we break out the turkey calls and crappie rods, let's take one look back at the highlights of Winter 2010/2011. More specifically, the bikini ice fishing team.
The bikini ice fishing team is made up of a group of models who tour the Midwest promoting ice fishing.
The team's big event this year was the Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota.
Besides traveling to different events, the team also shoots a calendar each year for exotica swimwear.
You can find 2011 calendars here.
While the team members might not be expert anglers, they do actually fish. Apparently they also bait their own hooks too.
So enjoy one last look at Old Man Winter 2010/2011 and have no fear, the next winter is only eight months away.

Winter is officially over. But before you trade your ice fishing gear for your turkey vest, take one last look back at the best part of winter 2010/2011.