Fish Mounts: 35 Awesome Fish Taxidermy Photos from the Web

If you want to learn about fish taxidermy, Rick Krane is your man. He has been teaching taxidermy since 1991, has created a handful of do-it-yourself DVDS and has instructed students from all over the world. Every month for five years, Krane highlights his friends' and students' work by posting photos on He's built a healthy online following and many taxidermists from around the country post their own photos on his thread. We put together some of the best shots from Krane's posts and organized them in this gallery. If you weren't already fired up for fishing season, you will be after this! Pictured: Steelhead by Clint Kimbell For more taxidermy photos and information on how to find a taxidermist near you, go to
Redfish - Rick Krane
Spotted Sea Trout - Rick Krane
Barramundi -Rick Krane
Rainbow Trout -Steve Pilkington
Sockeye Salmon -Rick Krane
Brown Trout - Steve Grabowski
Largemouth Bass
74-inch Tarpon
Golden Trout -Angling Artisan
Smallmouth Bass -Alfred Ellison
Striped Bass -Mike Boyden
27-inch Redfish
Crappie -Brian Noody
Spearfish -Mike Boyden
Northern Pike -Hillcrest Taxidermy
Albacore -New Wave Taxidermy
Smallmouth Bass -Randy Miller
Coho -Jimmy Lawrence
Steelhead -James Delaug
35-inch Snook -Angling Artisans
Rainbow Trout -Brian Huey
Smallmouth Bass

To help you get fired up for fishing season we put together the 35 best fish mount photos from