Last week, I combed the floor at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or ICAST Show in Orlando. After trolling the show for a few days, I rounded up the best and brightest new products for this gallery. Check out the newest gear and tackle that will change the way you fish (for the better).
**Minn Kota Endura Max **
With the fuel crunch, many outdoorsmen have been forced to downsize. The Minn Kota Endura Max line of transom-mount trolling motors will power small craft with quiet, efficient, and dependable power. Featuring Digital Maximizer technology, these motors will churn five times longer than traditional trollers. An integrated push-to-test battery meter keeps you abreast of the charge remaining. Available in 40-, 45-, 50- and 55-pound thrust. $219.99-$284.99
LifeProof’s iPhone Case
Today’s phone are capable of amazing feats, however, they are wimps when it comes to water. LifeProof’s iPhone Case for the iPhone 4S/4e provides waterproof protection. A specially designed o-ring system keeps water out no matter how wet it gets out there. The case is small, a touch bigger than the phone–providing an almost unnoticeable shockproof, dust-proof, dirt proof, and snow proof protection. $79.99
Edge World’s Ceramic Scissors
Fishing scissors rust. And no matter what the manufacturer says, they don’t cut braid without a serious struggle. The folks at Edge World’s Ceramic Scissors have developed a pair of ceramic scissors that not only cut braid like butter, but they also cut paper, mono and fluorocarbon lines. According to the company, the ceramic blades never rust and never need sharpening. $12
Lunkerhunt Edu-Kits
Fishing is fun. But it can be a bit challenging for the beginner to acquire all the skills requisite to consistently catch fish. Lunkerhunt has developed Lunkerhunt Edu-Kits that include premium lure and tackle components with step-by-step, illustrated booklets tailored to kids. The interactive kits include rigging techniques, fishing instructions, and bonus sticker pages. $6.49
Baker Suspending Crawfish Series
Lipless crankbaits catch fish. So much so, they are professional anglers go-to-baits for locating biting fish quickly. However, they all have one thing in common–they sink when “killed” or when you stop reeling. The Baker Suspending Crawfish Series is different. When cast and retrieved, they suspend when killed. This feature allows these baits to remain in the strike zone for as long as it takes to get bit. The Baker baits are beautifully crafted with fantastic graphics that make the bait come alive in the water. Overall size 3.25″ at 1/3 oz. $5.99
Costa Del Mar Double Haul
Perennial sunglass innovator Costa Del Mar introduces their Double Haul. A double-vent system is designed to keep fog to a minimum. The wide frames provide great coverage against the sun, while a no-slip nose pad keeps them in place. The Double Haul is available in tortoise, black, and new translucent crystal frame. Anglers can customize their Double Hauls with Costa’s patented 580 lenses in either glass or polycarbonate. $179-$249
While traveling the country have you ever seen a great pond you wanted to stop and fish? Ever wish you had a boat to slide into the water to track down that big one? Sure you have, however, lugging a boat around is cumbersome. The Stor-N-Boat is designed to serve as a car top carrier as well as a boat. The base secures to the roof of vehicles; with the boat mounting on the base. The waterproof carrier is great for keeping everything dry and safe, and great for exploring water anywhere you decide to. The unit is available in either Mallard Green or White. $1,199
Stanford Deep Big Cedar Lure
Cedar crankbaits were the rage in the early 80’s. Their superior action and buoyancy drive fish crazy. With the advent of mass production injection molding, handcrafted cedar baits died a slow death. Dieter Stanford started Stanford Lures to offer handmade, 100 percent cedar crankbaits. Stanford’s Deep Big Cedar Lure is a diving crankbait capable of reaching depths of 12- to 14-feet. Stanford hand tunes each bait, guaranteeing it tracks perfectly right from the box. $20.56
Bubba Blade 9-Inch Stiffie Fillet Knife
It seems there are as many knife manufacturers as there are fish in the sea. A fillet knife, is a fillet knife, is a fillet knife. Well, the people at Bubba Blade have a fillet knife that promises better performance. The 9-Inch Stiffie Fillet Knife has a comfortable handle, made of synthetic rubber. The handle can’t slip no matter how wet it gets. The blade is Teflon-coated, making for slippery slicing when filleting fish. A blade guard and trigger-style grip is molded in, for improved safety. $49.99
The Osprey SUP
Stand up paddle (SUP) boards are all the rage in the personal watercraft industry. They give you the maneuverability of a kayak, but allow you to stand up to cast and fight fish, or that’s at least the idea. The Osprey SUP is an 11-foot long, 38-inch wide inflatable version of the SUP. The high-pressure SUP is as rigid as a solid SUP. At 38-pounds, the Osprey is lightweight. A UVA foam deck pad offers user comfort. A carry bag is included for travel. $1,199
Compact fishing boats are typically roto-molded, blow-molded, or injection molded. The made in the USA Solo-Boat is hand laid fiberglass and finished with a white gel-coat. The hinged design allows the boat to be folded or disengaged, for easy transport in a truck bed or on a receiver hitch style carrier. At less than 100 pounds, the Solo-Boat is surprisingly lightweight. The best part of the whole rig? All of the attention to detail. The boat is 91-inches long and 40-inches wide. $1,199
Live-Target Popper Frog
Live-Target makes some of the most realistic lures available. Their Popper Frog is testament to their lure making prowess. The hard plastic frog, with its popping/chugger style nose, throws considerable water when chugged and popped. A very life-like paint job will coax even the most hesitant fish into a faux frog leg dinner. $14.49
Wiley X Echo
Wiley X has built a solid reputation on manufacturing rugged eyewear. The Echo is perfect for any fishing conditions, adverse or otherwise, and are great for traveling at high speeds, thanks to a removable facial cavity seal. This seal, which is padded for maximum comfort, is designed to block and protect your eyes from wind and debris, as well as, peripheral light. The polarized glasses feature a tough polycarbonate lens and are available in a number of lens options. $139
Culprit Fat Max
Skinny-mini baits seem to be what everyone is chucking nowadays as finesse baits have taken the bass world by storm. The Culprit Fat Max isn’t one to conform to norms. The soft-plastic, is as the name implies, a chubby worm. The plump bait is available in 7- and 9-inch models. The Fat Max is available in a myriad of colors. $4.49/5-pack
Gamakatsu Swivel Shot
Drop-shotting is one of the best ways to coax finicky fish into the boat, and the light line technique developed in Japan has been a staple of U.S. fishermen since it was introduced over a decade ago. The Gamakatsu Swivel Shot is a new twist on the hook and swivel treatment. The swivel shot reduces twisting and improves rigging efficiency. The easy-change weight system below the hook improves rigging and easy leader length adjustments without retying your rig. Available in Nickel Silver Black (NSB) finish. Sizes: 2 – 3/0. Price: TBD
Wild River Nomad
The Wild River Nomad is a dramatically new design in tackle management. The backpack-based system is great for fishermen on the move. The Nomad will be perfect for fly fishermen who like to trek outback in search of virgin streams. Every available inch of space has been utilized with the fishing public in mind. The Nomad holds up to six 3600-series trays and four 3500-series trays. A built-in interior light swivels outward, providing light when working at night. $89.99
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker
Wimpy coolers have ruined plenty of trips. The Igloo Yukon Cold Locker is a 50-quart, super-duty ice chest built for abuse. It features giant, molded-in handles for easy carrying. The roto-molded cooler has a large gasketed lid with a built-in fish cleaning surface. Stainless hardware stays rust-free while an over-sized drain makes short work of draining. A full two-inches of insulation should keep your bait or drinks cold. Dual integrated locks on the lid keep critters out. $359
Rapala BX Minnow
Minnow baits are either made from plastic or wood; never shall the twain meet. However, Rapala developed a manufacturing process which combines a balsa wood core with a rugged copolymer shell on its Rapala BX Minnow. The BX is a sleek minnow-shaped bait with flat sides that flaunts a strong flash on the roll as it slices and twitches through the water. BX baits feature internal X-Foil, along with molded 3D heads, gills, and scales that meld together to form lifelike finishes unlike anything seen on previous balsa lures. Baits feature VMC trebles and are 4 ¾ inches long and weighing ¾ ounce. $9.99-$11.99
Columbia Airgill Chill Zero Long Sleeve
No matter what species you fancy, when the weather turns hot, you’re guaranteed to be sweating once out on the water. Columbia has introduced a line of active wear that promises to keep you cooler no matter how hot it gets. The Airgill Chill Zero Long Sleeve has ten-of-thousands of cooling pods which actually feel cooler when exposed to moisture. The garment is also designed to provide sun protection. Multiple vents allow the shirt to breathe and the built-in sunglass chamois is a great feature. $129
Columbia Drainmaker II PFG
A comfortable pair of fishing shoes is hard to find. A comfortable pair of fishing shoes that keep your feet dry are even tougher to find. Meet the Columbia Drainmaker II PFG. A breathable single layer of open mesh and internal synthetic frame support makes this shoe tough while remaining light. A delightfully comfortable padded midsole offer relief from hard boat decks while a non-marking sole keeps you right-side up. $70
ABT X2 Countdown
Crankbaits are great for hauling up fatties from the deep. However, they usually can’t dive deeper than about 20 feet. But bass can easily suspend much deeper. The ABT X2 Countdown is built to go where other crankbaits can’t. As the name implies, the X2 Countdown sinks when cast, allowing the fishermen to count it down to a specific depth, then crank it even deeper. $8.49
Hobie Pro Angler
Kayak popularity has soared in the last few years as anglers discover the thrill of fishing up-close and personal. The Hobie Pro Angler is a different twist on kayaks. Shaped somewhat like a traditional kayak, the Pro Angler fishes like a boat. The 12-foot boat boasts a 500-pound weight capacity and is stable enough to fish from while standing up. Powered by Hobie’s patented Mirage Drive, the Pro Angler has dual steering controls, adaptable for left or right handed users. At 98 pounds, the roto-molded polyethylene hull is tough. The full-adjustable seat is a pleasure to fish from and ample storage for must-have equipment is provided. $2,550

Check out the latest baits, accessories and gear from the iCAST showroom floor.