Tami Curtis Will Out Fish You

Tami Curtis is a bass tournament angler and has won several national tournaments.
She’s been bass a serious bass angler for a decade, and now she spends about 150 days on the water each year.
Here’s Tami with a big largemouth she caught in Mexico.
“The interest to fish started at a young age when my father and grandfather would take me fishing. I remember going on a camping trip with my family. My father opened a metal tackle box and pointed toward the water saying, “Tami, there is a fish in there and it’s going to bite something in this tackle box”. I stayed on the shoreline for hours and tried every single bait in that tackle box. Needless to say, I didn’t get a single bite, but on that day I was totally hooked!” Tami says.
Tami is from Seabrook, Texas, but she’s fished all over the country.
Tami recently fished 94th in the U.S. Open. She fished hard, but wasn’t thrilled with her performance. “Anyway, I am still holding my head high, enjoyed fishing as always, and I look forward to the next US Open! Thank goodness this doesn’t count toward the points race,” Tami says.
“I’m frequently asked how I got into bass fishing. The first time I ever went bass fishing was at Quail Lake in southern Utah. This is when I came to the realization that bass fishing is a puzzle and it was my job to put the pieces of that puzzle together if I wanted to catch fish. Now I was addicted to bass fishing!” Tami says.
Tami’s favorite fishing lake is Lake Mead, Nevada.
“I love eating fish, but I kind of stay away from freshwater bass. It’s kind of like … well, uh … filleting up my dog,” Tami says.
Tami fishing Falcon Lake in Zapata, Texas.
Tami fished her first tournament in 2000. I caught a largemouth barely over 20″. “I was a rookie and inexperienced with the net and I knocked one off much larger that my husband had caught. Oops! Fortunately, we still managed to win,” Tami says.
Fishing at Quail Lake in Utah.
Tami’s fishing mentors are Chris Ricci and Mike Folkestad.
One of Tami’s favorite bass techniques is jigging.
“Our days usually start very early in the morning, getting up, eating breakfast, launch the boat, fishing all day, getting off the water prior to sundown, get tackle ready for the next day, eat, sleep and start the day over again the next morning. Then after one tournament off to the next. It’s a lot of hard work, going, going, going – but rewarding and fun!” Tami says.
Tami is also a regular contributor to Western Outdoor News.
A 7-pound largemouth.
The biggest bass she’s ever caught is a 9.5-pounder. This fish didn’t quite measure up, but it’s still a nice bass.
Tami with her mentors.
She also goes to a variety of different events to promote her sport.
Tami on her favorite fishing hole, Lake Mead.
Tami with fishing great Dee Thomas.
Matzalan, Mexico
Tami with U.S. Open AAA winner.
Tami is always the first one to congratulate other anglers on their accomplishments.
Todd Harris took first place at the Pro AM at Lake Mead, Nevada.
Tami also runs a blog called “What’s Up? Bass Fishing Blog” documenting her life on the road. Check here out at http://tamicurtis.blogspot.com/