Snake In The Bass Okay, we're half completely grossed out and half fascinated by Ricky Stephens photos of a largemouth bass he caught that swallowed--or rather half-swallowed--a garter snake.
The Freak-Horned Buck Duwayne Statzer gets the pole position in this photo gallery for a freak-horned muley he took back in 1964. He just recently had it remounted and decided to send us two photos. The first is of the rack with the hide off to prove that it isn’t a hoax.
The second is of the re-mounted headset. Nice, crazy rack, DuWayne.
Giant Mystery Bear Don Alsup recently e-mailed these photos to us of one of the biggest brown-phase black bears we’ve seen in a good, long time.
It’s something of a mystery bear since the only information provided with the submission was that it was taken in Oregon.
Nowadays, much can be done with camera position and photoshop, however, the noggin on this brute–regardless of the camera angle–is pretty impressive.
We’ll share more information just as soon as we get it. Check out the rest of the shots.


Death From Above? Jeremy Nehrkorn in Perry County, Illinois captured this incredible image of what he describes as a bobcat trying to catch a turkey in mid-flight. It kind of looks like it might be, but it also looks like it could be a raptor of some sort with a fawn? What do you think?
Can You Hear Me Now? Jim Bauldree sent us this photo of a nice bull that he and his son took via a rather strange hunting technique. Well, let’s let him tell it: “I set my son on a stand and I made a push through a very dense draw. I had done this the previous 4 days and no success so I decided to do something different. I sat on a stump about 150 yards from my partner and got my 2-way radio out. I turned my volume up all the way and went through my different ringtones and on the 5th one this elk exploded out right by my son. Two shots through the heart and the work started.”
Raised Brows We frequently receive great trail cam photos and they are often of great whitetail bucks. This one caught our eye simply because every editor on staff would love to get a poke at it. Just look at those G2s!
Snake In The Bass Okay, we’re half completely grossed out and half fascinated by Ricky Stephens photos of a largemouth bass he caught that swallowed–or rather half-swallowed–a garter snake.
Ugh…sorry, but this is sort of disgusting.
Old Yella Finally, Tim Davis’ submission of a darn nice catfish he caught in the Staunton River in Charlotte County, Virginia–well, it’s a nice catfish for anywhere even if it is yellow. It currently resides in a 500 gallon fish tank. We’ve never heard of a yellow catfish.

GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING: Fascinating, bizarre and just plain freakish. Check out these strange but true outdoor tales.