Smallmouth Heaven

Trophy-size Smallmouth bass are in abundance in the Niagara and Lake Erie region during the month of May. Anglers from around the world come here to catch the monsters.
In the shallows, the Smallmouths were biting on jigs.
The lower Niagara River is easily accessible from the Buffalo, New York, airport. It's on the United States/Canada border, so anglers can technically catch fish in two countries with two casts…
…which happens fairly frequently, given the great numbers.
Not a bad Smallmouth considering that we had hardly left the Buffalo docks.
Where else can you catch a Smallmouth that is longer than your forearm?
Like most fish, habitat plays a significant part in the color of a smallmouth. The ones we caught ranged in color from light green to almost black.
Mark Davis lays out for a big smallmouth.
At most other lakes, 6- or 7-pound Smallmouths are prize-winners. In the Niagara region, we caught two 7-pounders before lunchtime.
If anglers want a break from Smallmouth, the King Salmon bite too.
Even when you're trolling and heading in for the day, you can catch trout--some pushing 20-pounds or more.

For Smallmouth action, there's nowhere better than the Niagara in May.