I had a few days off and the weather was just gorgeous along the Virginia coast. As my buddy, Ben, and I worked our way toward the third island near Virginia's Bay Bridge Tunnel, we swung in to search for some black drum. I asked some nearby anglers if they minded if a made a few casts in their vicinity. Ben handed me his little spinner with one of my 5-inch swimming plastics tied on, and I tossed it at one of the schools of fish. Hooked up!. Outdoor Life Online Editor
I battled the fish for about 10 minutes, and we drew a crowd of boats looking on. Ben expertly guided me after the black, which took both of us to pull into the boat. It was hooked in the mouth- cool. We took a few pics and revived the fish. Outdoor Life Online Editor
That’s about when we realized that we were completely slimed- that was one exceptionally slimy fish! So, we proceeded to hose off. No big deal, but Ben decided to get creative with the camera and photographed the “shower scene.” Hmmm, interesting. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Just then, Ben noticed our drum floating belly up. Let’s go! Ben donned his snorkeling gear, and jumped in! Outdoor Life Online Editor
I followed Ben around the third island with the boat as he guided the black until he was good to go. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Saturday, my buddy Capt Steve Wray gave me some gouge that he caught his limit of nice 7- to 8-pound spades at a nearshore wreck the day before. I smelled a record, and with the sporadic spade action this year, I wasted no time. Outdoor Life Online Editor
It took all day, and I threw back over a dozen small fish, broke off at least two dozen, but managed to get six fish to the boat that pushed over 7 pounds. Most fish took about 10- to 15-minutes to net. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Before coming in, I couldn’t resist dropping a live bait on the wreck to see if anyone was home. I pulled up a big flounder, and into the box he went. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Back at the local IGFA weigh station, Long Bay Pointe, only one of the six fish made the mark, whew! Outdoor Life Online Editor
I am submitting the paper work to the IGFA as a pending 4lb Line Class World Record. The fish tipped the scales at 7-pounds, 6 ounces. To see other images of Julie in action, click HERE Outdoor Life Online Editor

What’s Julie Ball do on the weekend? Well, she sets new world records, of course!