The Best of Stanley Meltzoff: Oceans and Other Worlds Art Exhibit

Bluefin tuna smashing ballyhoo, striped bass chasing bunker and marlin slashing through a school of jellies. These are the scenes that the late Stanley Meltzoff spent his life recreating with oil and canvas. Check out some of his best work here. Painting: Bluefin at Ballyhoo
Regarded by some as the first great artist to paint big-game fish in their natural realm, Meltzoff's work has graced the covers of Field & Stream, Scientific American, National Geographic and other publications. Close to 90 pieces of his original works have been collected for an exhibition at the Museum of American Illustration in Manhattan, NY. The exhibition, titled "Stanley Meltzoff - Oceans and Other Worlds," kicked off on June 6 with a special reception benefitting the Tag-A-Giant Foundation, an organization committed to the conservation of bluefin tuna. The following photos are the gallery's highlights.
Painting: Secret's of Arcimboldo's Reef
Painting: Bluefin Ranching Future (sketch)
Painting: Three Marlin and Needlefish
Painting: Five Bluefin Tuna and Bunker
Painting: Black Marlin and Dogtooth Tuna
Painting: __Cruising the Weed Line
Painting: __Two Striped Marlin and Pelagia Jellies
Painting: __Blue Marlin, Bunker and Jellies
Painting: __Reflecting Bonefish and Many Medusa (top)
2002 Two Striped Marlin and Iris Nudibranch
Painting: __Eagle Rays, Shark and Permit School
Painting: __Blues Harrying Sea Robbins Off Cartrights (top)
1974 Blues and Sea Robins (sketch)
Painting: __The Lord of Barcajon Channel # 2

The works of game fish painter Stanley Meltzoff are now on display at the Museum of American Illustration. Check out some of his best paintings here.