Other fishing destinations boast about their excellent drum fishing. But folks from those parts would die for drum fishing like we have here in good ol’ Virginia. Not only do we have BOTH black and red drum, there are lots of them…and they’re HUGE!
I know it’s prime drum time: the water temps are right, and the full moon cycle is upon us. I was frustrated with the daily evening thunderstorms, and itching to go. When I saw the forecast with light winds and no thunderstorms, I made some last minute calls, and managed to get up with Bill “Gordy” Knapp. Captain Skip Feller was a special guest- he has never caught a drum. So, the plan was set. We were shooting for reds first, but from experience, had a full complement of clams for blacks.
We pulled out of The Virginia Beach Fishing Center in Rudee Inlet, Virginia Beach at about 6:30 pm, and headed for the Eastern Shore Virginia area with light southerly winds, and NO thunderstorms on the radar. A few buddies on the radio informed us of the black drum bite going on. So, we decided to flip the order- go for blacks first, then reds.
We set up for black drum in about 18 feet of water, with an incoming tide, and put out clams for bait. Within 5-minutes, the bite was on. Gordy and I stood back and grinned when Skip hooked his first black drum. He was tickled pink. I think he has a new appreciation for these gentle monsters. We had a fish on almost constantly, with a few doubles for about an hour. These fish were huge. We left after seven fish, and they were still biting. Five of our fish were citations, with the biggest at 51.5-inches.
We scooted over to the shoals for the reds. The moon was gorgeous on the water. We set out crabs in about 6-feet of water for another hour. We had one run, a nice 49-inch red drum. Once the tide turned, we gave it 30-minutes, and then headed in with a content crew. Eight beautiful big drum in 2.5 hours-that happens only here in Virginia. Of course! More photos of Dr. Julie and crew.. Continue through the gallery.
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Other fishing destinations boast about their excellent drum fishing. But folks from those parts would die for drum fishing like we have here in good ol’ Virginia.