Ken Fraser 1496 lb: This is the "Big Kahuna" in tuna fishing - a giant bluefin that dwarfs everything imaginable in this area of big game fishing. This IGFA 130-pound line-class record was taken by Ken Fraser in late October, 1979 out of Aulds Cove, Nova Scotia, and weighs 3/4s of a ton!.
Steve McCowan 716 lb 8 oz.: Don’t let the numbers on the side of this northern bluefin tuna fool you. This is a 716-pound, 8-ounce giant, caught by tuckered-out angler Steve McCowan.
This is the largest yellowfin tuna on record, a massive 388-pound, 12-ounce heavyweight caught on 80-pound class tackle by angler Curt Weisenhutter in April 1977. It was taken in the Pacific Ocean near the Revillagigedo Islands, Mexico, located southwest of Cabo San Lucas.
Capt. Matthew E. Pullen 49 lb 6 oz: The popular and abundant blackfin tuna run much smaller than their cousins the bluefin and yellowfin. But blackfins are tough customers, too. This one weighed just 10 ounces shy of 50 pounds, taken by Matthew Pullen in April 2006 out of Marathon, Florida. It’s the IGFA all-tackle and 50-pound line class record for the species.
Tuna, southern bluefin #1364 Rex Wood, 348 lb 5 oz: Rex Wood caught this IGFA all-tackle record southern bluefin tuna in January, 1981 off Whakatanc, New Zealand. Using only 50-pound class tackle, it is a remarkable catch for the species.
Tuna, dogtooth, 230 lb 0 oz 11893 Roger Amand: This is the largest dogtooth tuna on record, an enormous 230-pounder boated by Roger Amand on 130-pound class tackle. Not only is the dogtooth tuna strong and tough, but it has abundant, rounded teeth much like a canine, hence the name. This fish was landed in 1993 in the Indian Ocean near the island of Mauritius.
Tuna, longtail AT &M-24 kg (50 lb) line class 60 lb 0 oz 3-17-80, N. Noel Webster: This 60-pound longtail tuna is the IGFA 50-pound line class record for the species. It was caught by Noel Webster in March, 1980 near Bermagui, Australia.
Andrew Hargen, M-80 lb line class 590 lb 13 oz 8-20-08: Andrew Hargen, just age 14, caught this IGFA 80-pound line class record southern bluegin tuna last August near New Zealand. It took him over an hour to land it, and the fish weighed a hefty 590-pounds, 13-ounces.
Tuna, bluefin W-80 lb line class 974 lb 6 oz Jeanine Francois: This IGFA woman’s 80-pound line class record bluefin tuna weighed an impressive 974-pounds, 6-ounces. Jeanine Francois caught it in October 1996, on the Azores Bank, Azores, Portugal.
Tuna, bluefin Charles Chtivelman, 897 lb 4 oz 3-25-77: Angler Charles Chavel holds the IGFA 50-pound line class record with this massive 897-pound, 4-ounce behemoth bluefin tuna. He boated the fish in Spain’s Canary Islands in March 1977.