East Coast Custom Knife Show 2010

Visit frederickknives.com for more information on Fredericks' plethora of custom offerings.
Visit frederickknives.com for more information on Fredericks' plethora of custom offerings.
Knifemaker Anders Hedlund had several designs on display including his Alfa, Bravo and Charlie. His website is worth a look when you consider this quote: "One must have the ability to envision the finished knife in the raw material, just like the sculptor does with a piece of stone or wood. And just like the sculptor, you remove material until the piece is finished."
For more on Bob Dozier customs visit dozierknives.com.
Bob Dozier's new Camp Knife carries a 6-inch blade of A-2 steel that's heat treated for maximum performance, edge holding and backwoods toughness. Handle is of black Micarta. Overall length is a substantial 11 inches. Comes with Kydex sheath. Retail $255. For more on Bob Dozier customs visit dozierknives.com.
One of the Kings of "Gentleman's Blades" is Bud Nealy. His sharp looking hideaways, neckers and tactical specials were on display in Times Square. For more on Nealy's customs visit budnealyknifemaker.com.
There were several custom purveyors at ECCKS 2010 including Jon Ukman of EBossHoss.com.
Sculptor, blacksmith and A.B.S Mastersmith Hank Knickmeyer doesn't mess around when it comes to creating true masterpieces. Natural, engraved handles along with pattern-welded Damascus blades made his booth a real showstopper. For more, email Knickmeyer at HankKnickmeyer@accessus.net or call 636-285-3210.
Purveyor Jack Berk's table full of customs from various makers. For more, visit Jack M. Berk Classic Custom Knives at classiccustomknives.com or call 610-608-5033.
The Angel's Wing from maker Kevin Casey is a real looker of a liner-lock folder. The 3.5-inch Casey Damascus blade contrasts nicely with the Mother of Pearl handle. Overall length open is 7.5 inches. Features bronze bolsters, engravings by Ken Hurst, open thumb-stud stone. Retails for $2650. Visit kevincaseycustomknives.com for more.
Check out the pricetag on the Loveless/Abercrombie & Fitch. The A-Fitch will fetch ever bit of that $9,500. Shown by John Denton: 706-896-2292; jwdenton@windstream.net.
Grabbing one of these Loveless hunting knives feels as if it was made for your hand. The top knife (Abercrombie & Fitch) here saw more than 40 years of deer hunting!
Also at John Denton's table was this M. Takahashi fighter with a 5-inch ATS 34 blade. Overall length is 10 inches and the handle is Stag. Engraved by Simon Lutton.
Tough making conversation with the Maestro folks because Italian isn't one of OL's specialties. If you can speak/understand Ital-English or straight up Italian, contact Attilio Morotti at 035661736. Best bet might be visiting atti-knives.com.
Another Italian maker, Marcello Garau kindly showed his pocket folders. Comm was tough, but the blade in the middle goes as follows: 3.34-inch Mosaic Damascus blade, overall open length of 8 inches, handle of ancient tortoise shell and price $1,600. Best contact info is his email: marcellogarau@libero.it
Email Marcello Garau at marcellogarau@libero.it for more information.
RJ Martin's "Overkill" flipper folder wasn't hanging around for long. His table was wiped out by day's end. The Overkill comes in various blade steels with a blade length of 4 inches. Handles are titanium and are available with several inlay options. To get yours while they are still hot, email RJMartinknives@comcast.net or call 508-279-0682.
Beautiful beasts from Scrimshander, Coutelier. Contact number 0682683552, email paul.gonzalez@wanadoo.fr, or visit art-scrimshaw.com.
Japanese maker Kazutoshi Tanbe crafts wicked custom tacticals under the company name Silver Spooon. Yes, that's Spooon with three "Os." His massive 10.75-inch OAL "Fighter" shown here sports a 5.75-inch D2 blade, carbon fiber/G10 handle scales and a price tag of $600. For more information visit www.silver-spooon.net.
Italian maker Socate Morlacchetti's "Scuoio Skinner" would do a number on that next bear, elk or Canadian whitetail. The interesting looking handle made of Mouflon-Sterling Silver yields a firm grip. OAL is roughly 5 inches. Blade steel is RWL 34. Price is $550.
Custom maker W.D. Pease had several fine-looking "trapper" fixed blades. It's easy to see that W.D. pays very close attention to details when crafting his knives. For pricing and more information, visit wdpeaseknives.com or call 606-845-0387.
Looking for "Tacti-Cool" offerings? Look no further than Pat and Wes Crawford at crawfordknives.com. The duo has everything from blinged-out show pieces to hardcore self-defense blades for civilian and law enforcement. All folders are made from S30V steel. Prices range from $250 to $1,200-plus.
Wesley W. Davis' "3-Blade Sowbelly" wasn't going to stay on his table for long. The amber-stag handled, slip-joint knife sports 3 blades of CPM154 steel, and overall open length of 8 inches (4 inches closed), and a retail price of $700. For more on this Texan's fine hunters and trappers, visit wesdavisknives.com or shoot Wes an email at wwdavis@starband.net.

All knives are definitely not created equal. Feast your eyes on these babies from the East Coast Custom Knife Show.