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what a steel_kerhsaw

Everyone's got an opinion about what a good hunting knife should cost, so we took four worthy fixed-blade big-game knives--ranging in market price from under $50 to over $250--and put them through the ringer. Each knife was tested and graded for its "craftsmanship," meaning the overall look, design and durability; "ergonomics," which takes into consideration the feel in hand, ease of use and comfort; and "performance," which refers to the overall quality and usefulness of each design. Rating Key 4 stars= Excellent 3 stars= Very Good 2 stars= Good 1 star= Fair Kershaw Echo Overall Rating: 3 stars Designed by Ken Onion, the Echo has his trademark recurve blade, which helps draw the edge in as you pull cut and offers a nice tip curve for skinning. The AUS8A stainless full-tang blade is tough yet easy to sharpen. The weatherproof polyimide handle is very comfortable. (8 ****5****⁄8 in., 4.8 oz.; $49; kershaw__knives.com) Report Card Craftsmanship: C **** Ergonomics: A+ Performance: C+

what a steel_buck alpha

Buck Alpha Hunter Overall Rating: 21⁄2 stars The great-looking Alpha Hunter sports bulbous, comfortable, yet non-textured handle scales. The deep thumb jimping saves it from being downright slippery. The thick-yet-soft 420HC stainless blade needs frequent sharpening, but has a generous guthook at the tip. (8 ****1********2 ** in., 7.2 oz.; $80; buckknives.com)** Report Card Craftsmanship: C **** Ergonomics: C+ Performance: B

what a steel_sog revolver

SOG Revolver Overall Rating: SOG's Revolver Hunter is presented as a fixed-blade knife, but with the push of a button, the blade swivels 180 degrees to expose a saw blade. The fat Zytel handle is heavily textured, with individual finger grooves. The blade has a guthook and a large skinning curve at the tip. (10 in., 6 oz.; $40; sogknives.com) Report Card Craftsmanship: B Ergonomics: A+ Performance: **A+ **

what a steel_savannah

Boker Savannah Overall Rating: 4 stars The Savannah is as close to custom as a production knife can get. The blade is made of N690, which non-traditionally contains cobalt, making it super-hard and giving it unmatched edge retention. The jigged Micarta handles and a stainless finger guard complete the package. ($270; 9 ****3********8 in., 7.8 oz.; bokerusa.com) Report Card Craftsmanship: A+ ** Ergonomics: A+ Performance: A+**

Four fixed-blade hunting knives for any budget.