Cory Brossman tagged this long and heavy Missouri buck with a Traditions Pursuit XLT, 150-grains of Triple 7, and a 250-grain APB 200 bullet. After an up-and-down season, Cory reports the weather finally turned cold, the rut kicked in, and he took his buck in a creek draw on a cold, clear, calm morning with frost covering the ground. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Mike Campbell toughed out a cold and icy Illinois afternoon to drop this 140-inch buck. The deer stepped into a bean field at 70 yards just before dark, and Mike found the buck in his riflescope. His .50 caliber Pursuit XLT was loaded with 150-grains of Triple 7, and a 250-grain APB 100 bullet. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Jason Mears thumped this exceptional Illinois buck as it was working a field-edge rub line. He took it during the shotgun season also using a Pursuit XLT, loaded with a 240-grain Hornady XTP bullet, driven by 150-grains of Pyrodex. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Andrew Moyes took this huge 160-inch Maryland 8-pointer at 150 yards. He was glad to spend time on the practice range because the buck came out in very low light, but fell to one well-placed shot. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Kyle Brown of Simmons Optics anchored this 11-point Wisconsin buck at 30 yards. He shouldered a Traditions Pursuit Pro rifle, loaded with a 250-grain APB 100 bullet. Outdoor Life Online Editor
This remarkably symmetrical Kansas 10-pointer was taken by Traditions Muzzleloader president Tom Hall while using Pursuit LT rifle. The 160-inch buck fell to a 250-grain Traditions APB 100 bullet, powered by 150-grains of Pyrodex. Outdoor Life Online Editor
Tony Smotherman of “Born To Hunt” TV show took this Central Iowa buck near a food plot. The heavy-beam 10-pointer was chasing three does just before dark on a dreary, overcast afternoon. Tony dumped the 4.5-year old, 155-inch buck at 85 yards. Outdoor Life Online Editor

Muzzleloading hunters regularly tag some of the best bucks in America. Following are some dandies with specifics on the home-brewed loads used to take them.