This is a 37mm launcher. Believe it or not, this gun is legal for civilians. It can handle flares, smoke and even certain firework rounds. The practical application for this? A fun day at the range.
The launcher can also be mounted to the bottom of an AR, if you really want to get creative.
This is MKE’s Bora 12 Sniper rifle in 7.6mm. MKE stands for Makina ve Kimya Endustisi Kurumu (it’s Turkish).
No big gun gallery would be complete without CZ’s big-bore rifles. These guns are built for dangerous big game and are a favorite among African safari hunters.
As you can see, the guns come in calibers that will knock you off your feet if you’re not careful.
Yes that is a gold-plated Tommy gun.
I asked a marketing person at Thompson about how much this gun would cost if someone wanted to buy it, but she said it was not for sale. When pressed, she said a “gazzillion dollars.” Interestingly, this gun does actually shoot.
Here’s a Thompson pistol in .45 ACP. Overall, it’s only 23 inches long and weighs just over 5 pounds.
What does it feel like to put a $29,615 rifle up to your shoulder? I can’t tell you because I was scared to touch it.
It’s a Blazer R8 Elk Classic in .300 win. mag.
There’s also the R8 Imperial, which is the same gun but with different engravings.
Thought air guns were child’s play? Think again. This is Hammerli’s AR20. Complete with a match trigger that is fully adjustable, this gun is calibered in .177 and can hit 560 fps. On the gun there is an engraving that accurately states “This is not a toy.”
This is the 12-gauge shotgun Remington makes for S.W.A.T teams, the Police Breacher System.
The business end of this gun is at the end of the 11.5-inch barrel: the ported stand-off with rebar grooves.
Sig Sauer’s .50 cal.
This gatling gun is from U.S. Armament Corp. It’s called the 1877 Bulldog and can fire off 45-70 Govts. at bursts of 1,000 rounds per minute.
This gun is a remake of Colt’s original 1877 and is legal for civilian use. It weighs 135 pounds and has a maximum effective range of 1,000 yards.
Here’s the modern day gatling gun: Surefire’s M89A. This weapon is not legal for civilian use.
The Rueger single shot .458 Lott.
If that’s not enough kick for you, pair it with Ruger’s M77 Hawkeye Alaskan in .416 Ruger. I met a guy who owned this compact rifle and said it will roll you over if you’re not careful.
On the other hand, this rifle does tip over cape buffalos with ease.
The biggest of all the big guns is Surefire’s 50 cal. mounted on a tripod. I’m just glad these guys are on our side.

The big, bigger and biggest guns from the SHOT Show floor. Hope you don’t mind a little recoil.