Weird Gear at SHOT Show

There were a lot of new guns at SHOT Show, but none were shinier than this one.
The most common comment after seeing this monster was "Man I'd love to use this as my hunting truck."
Unfortunately this vehicle is already spoken for.
This is a target shaped like a human that's used for tactical purposes.
Osama Bin Laden attended the SHOT Show and was greeted with a hail of gunfire.
I always imagined the guys who would hold me up by gunpoint would be taller.
Don't worry that hog is not actually alive.
This product actually works really well, so don't laugh.
Guns designed for little people.
And they come in all colors.
Is this bear weird? Not really, but look in the background how that deer is watching him all the time … creepy.
This scope is designed for night hunters with really bad vision.
This gear isn't weird it's actually really cool. It's a little wad of white goo that you use as tinder. It lights anywhere.
Even water.
This little pink pistol is from Taurus. The gun wouldn't be that weird if Taurus didn't also make a handcannon called the Judge that shoots .410 shotshells.
I never really thought of buggies as being bad, until now.
Whatever animal you shoot with this is not going very far.
Teach your dog how to find shed antlers. But first you should teach him to sit, stay and not chew up your shoes.
These knives are made from antler sheds.
Not sure what you would use a super long decorative knife like this for … maybe opening letters.
Yep, that will open a letter or two.
This mechanism picks up shot shells just by wheeling along.
Of course this will only be useful if you are shooting hundreds of rounds, or own a shooting range.
And finally, the zombie shooting targets. These are good once you get tired of shooting Osama Bin Laden.

When everyone from the outdoor industry gets together in one spot, there's bound to be some oddities. Check out the clever, creative and crazy gear from SHOT Show.