Miami Vice’s Sonny Crockett often used a Mac 10 when a deal “went sour.” I’d get one in .45 ACP, head to west Texas n’ take on some jackrabbits. “Silly rabbit, you can’t out run my 30 round clip.”
The .50 Desert Eagle can take out a buffalo wearing body armor sitting inside a bank vault. I’ve never actually seen proof of this, but that’s what I hear.
The problem with a Gatling gun is that you have to have a horse to pull it around. And a strong arm to turn the crank. I got neither.
I have no doubt I’d look as striking as Johnny Depp if I were to sport a Tommy Gun.
What? My wife said he was striking.
Quint got good use out of his harpoon gun in Jaws. As great white sharks are now a protected species, I guess I’d use mine to shoot a porpoise. I’m kidding. I meant manatee (kidding again). Photo: nugunslinger
I’d like to use a flamethrower on my next hog hunt. If successful, I’d get the thrill of the hunt combined with an instantly ready to eat game animal.
Davy Crockett didn’t take his .48-caliber flintlock “Old Betsy” to the Alamo; he left it with his son in Tennessee. It now resides at the East Tennessee Historical Society Museum in Knoxville. I wonder if they would let me borrow it for a time. I’m a pretty trustworthy guy.
The Holland & Holland 500/465 double rifle is designed for knocking down elephants. I’d really like to knock down some elephants. Can’t anyone please help me with this dream?
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with my gun list? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Sometimes when I watch the news I get the feeling that I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t have an AK-47. I hate that.
Little known fact: The MP 5 was the original name of the Jackson 5. Not sure why they changed it.
The Browning M1917 machine gun featured prominently in the end of The Wild Bunch.
There’s a possum that’s been sticking his rat-like pink nose in my dog’s food bowl these past few weeks. I’d like to take him down with a Tazer shotgun. “How’s twenty-one jigga-watts up your pouch feel, you little dog-food stealing rat!”

He’s not a gun writer but Gayne Young knows what he likes. Or wants at least. What guns are on your dream list?