Story of a Rifle

Jimmy Fox, the original owner of the Model 70, scouting some country during a hunting trip.
Fox used the .30-06 to take this black bear in some steep country.
An old-school hunting camp, with coiled rope, Coleman lanterns, rough-hewn table, is familiar turf for the venerable Winchester M70.
Jimmy Fox carried his model 70 on many hunts before passing it down through his family.
Looks like the Model 70 did double duty on this bear with a lever-gun.
The Winchester struck twice on this hunt, downing a black bear and the nice buck just below it.
Another shot of the two animals: the wide buck with the black bear.
With its trim lines the M70 is perfectly at home in a scabbard.
Jimmy Fox's Winchester has accounted for many deer over the years.
The .30-06 is America's favorite and most versatile hunting cartridge. Here it was used to down a fine 6x6 bull.
Another bull elk downed by the rifle the Foxes called "Ole' Meat In The Pot."
Another view of the nice 6x6 elk that fell to the Winchester M70.
The Model 70 heads north on a caribou hunt.
Some people say the .30-06 isn't adequate for large bears, but countless browns and grizzlies have been cleanly killed with the cartridge.
The odyssey continues for the Fox's Model 70, here in the hands of Jackson Fox, the grandson of Jimmy Fox.
The Model 70 now wears a new scope but other than that it is in original condition.
A high-planes hunt for antelope and mule deer: familiar turf for the Model 70.

The Fox family has used the same pre-1964 Model 70 Featherweight Winchester for three generations. See the photos that tell the story of this rifle named Ole Meat-in-the-Pot.