20 Craziest Zombie Targets

As the subculture of zombie target shooters continues to grow, the targets keep getting more and more outrageous. Target manufacturers have no lack of creativity, and they've come up with everything from zombie deer to zombie pizza delivery guys. These are the 20 craziest targets on the market today.
Jim & Pam Zombie Ammo
Eddie the Executive Champion Traps & Targets
Special Delivery Darkotic Targets
Special Delivery Darkotic Targets
Sam & Diane Zombie Ammo
Hatchet Help Champion Traps & Targets
Rocky Zombie Zombie Industries
Primal Cut Darkotic Targets
Bo & Hope Zombie Ammo
Uncle Huggz Zombie Ammo
Frans Zombie Ammo
Luke & Laura Zombie Ammo
Heavy Metal Defense Champion Traps & Targets
Tom Surplus Ammo & Arms
Twinkles Zombie Ammo
Shopping Spree Darkotic Targets
Ross & Rachel Zombie Ammo
Roxie Zombie Ammo
Street Attack Champion Traps & Targets

When the zombie apocalypse hits, marksmanship is going to be a key survival skill. These are the craziest targets to practice on.