Death Dip

A husband and wife fishing team snapped these photos somewhere in the White Mountains of Arizona while fly fishing.
The couple herd brush breaking and this bull busted through the foliage and waded out into the lake for a drink and to cool off.
The husband was actually in his float tube and thought the bull appeared to be emaciated.
The bull swam closer and would stick its head underwater only to surface again. Eventually the bull didn't reappear from a rather lengthy dunk and you guessed it. The man paddled over to find the bull had drowned.
A call to the local conservation officer and the recovery of the bull confirmed the bull actually had an old compound fracture between the right ankle and its knee.
The conservation officer surmised the bull had a high fever and was using the water to cool off and re-hydrate.
The only problem was that it ran out of gas and drowned. Too weird!

The final moments in the life of a magnificent bull elk are caught on film.