Even with the guarantee of high fuel prices to return, don’t give up that pickup truck yet, especially if you plan on going moose hunting. After taking a look at the accompanying photo you might even want to upgrade to a one-ton truck to give your suspension a break. From the looks of the truck, these guys were undersized using their midsized truck. I’ve only been on a handful of moose hunts, but I’ve never been on one where we were able to remove a moose whole, much less get the danged thing loaded whole in a truck. I want to hunt where these guys are hunting. Not only did they drive their truck to the site of the kill, they killed a monster to boot!
My best bull moose was taken miles from camp in southwest Alaska. A camp helper hiked along on the stalk and earned his worth by standing guard while I stripped the bull of its meat. Why stand guard? We were swimming in brown bears with 6 to 9 sightings each day. To this day it was one of the most calorie-robbing hunts (and scary) I’ve been on. I would have given anything for a gravel road and the use of this guy’s pickup truck.
From a few clues I’m guessing this photo came from a provincial hunt in Canada. Even so, consider the facts. An Alaska-Yukon moose can weigh as much as 1,800 pounds and a large Canada moose can push more than 1,000. An exceptional rack from a big bull weighs nearly 70 pounds alone. Finally, a big bull stands anywhere from 5 feet to 6 ∏ feet at the shoulder. That’s a lot of critter and one way to punish your pickup. –Mark Kayser

Think that your pickup can handle a moose? Well, this one could.