Super Bowl Champ!

Outdoor celebrities know a bit about football, too.

Super Bowl XLIII will certainly go down as one of the most thrilling every played. As the smoke clears on the up-and-down battle between the Steelers and Cardinals, it’s become apparent that our line-up of celebrity outdoorsmen don’t only know a thing or two about hunting and fishing, but are pretty darn good prognosticators as well. Here’s how they did:

super bowl predics bill jordan

Bill Jordon (RealTree President) Steelers are too tough on defense. They put too much pressure on Warner. Turnovers caused by Steelers will be the difference. Steelers 27, Arizona 17

super bowl predics laura egan

Laura Egan (Lake Erie fishing guide, co-host of Outdoors Ohio television show) Pittsburgh 35, Arizona 21 – The Cardinals are going to face a vaunted pass rush, combined with the Steelers’ outstanding defensive backfield led by Troy Polamalu. The combination will make life miserable for Kurt Warner. Look for Pittsburgh receivers to turn short receptions into long gains.

super bowl predics chris kirby

Chris Kirby (Quaker Boy, famous caller and television hunter) Have you ever seen a bird try to fly through a glass window? Now we have a Cardinal, trying to fly through a Steel Curtain. However, the Steel Curtain has a few dings and dents in it and the Cardinal is one of the last birds to head south, proving its toughness and ability to fight. The Cardinals will pierce the armor a few times but the Steel Curtain, backed by the will of the Steeler Nation, locks it up with a defensive touchdown half way through the 4th to win 31 -24. I’ll be at the game with my wife and brother-in-law. Should be a great NFL game experience.

super bowl predics cuz strickland

Cuz Strickland (The Obsession Revealed, TV show) The Steel Curtain Defense Rules; Steelers 17, Cardinals 10

super bowl predics kevin van dam

Kevin Van Dam (professional bass angler) I’m going with Pittsburg, because my wife, kids and me are big fans of the team. We became fans after I won the 2005 BASS Masters Classic in Pittsburg. We live in Michigan, and used to be Lions fans. But who can be a Lions fan these days. Pittsburgh 27, Cardinals 10.

super bowl predics mark nichols

Mark Nichols (famous angler, owner DOA Lures, Florida) Steelers are too strong; they will kick Arizona’s tails, Pitt 37 – Arizona 34

super bowl predics matt morrett

Matt Morrett (turkey calling champion, Hunter’s Specialties TV) I live in Pennsylvania and around here, if you didn’t root for the Steelers you might get lynched. If the Cardinals were not playing the Steelers, though, I’d be for the Cardinals, because Kurt Warner is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where my company is headquartered. I think it’s going to be a close game, but I’m for the Steelers; Pittsburgh 28, Arizona 21.

super bowl predics alton jones

Alton Jones (2008 BASSMASTER Classic winner) I think it’s going to be a close game. Everybody seems to be pulling for the Cardinals and I’d like to to0, but it seems like the Steelers will find a way to win it in the end. I think that old Steeler mentality will show up and it will be close, but the Steelers will tough it out. Steelers 28, Cardinals 24.

Outdoor celebrities know a bit about football, too.