1. Insurance: Insurance companies pay out $1 billion a year in deer/car collisions. They'll fight to maintain hunting seasons when push comes to shove.
2. Wildlife Restoration: Sport hunting has contributed to the restoration of both the wild turkey and whitetail deer after market hunting nearly wiped them out.
3. Conservation: America’s wild lands are paid for by hunters and fishermen. Rock climbers, hikers,and bikers don’t pay into the system, but they benefit from it. Take hunting/fishing out of the equation and funding for state game agencies and wildlife refuges collapses and tree-huggers and rock climbers will have to start forking over big bucks.
4. The South: C’mon, need I say more?
5. Heritage: Hunting, fishing and trapping are as much a part of the American heritage as cowboys, baseball and apple pie. Good luck rooting it out.
6. Management: Our entire wildlife management system is based upon using hunting as a tool. Take it out and not only are more funds being spent, but there is no incoming revenue stream. Plus, overpopulation of animals, crop depredation, sickness and wildlife/human conflict increases. Non-hunters decry bloodsports right up until the time their favorite park is littered with goose poop and their fat tabby cat gets snatched up in the jaws of a starving cougar.
7. Power players: Too many important, powerful people enjoy hunting, shooting and fishing. From CEOs of Fortune 100 companies to U.S. Senators and Congressmen. Check out the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation to find out which of yours support hunting rights.
8. Habitat restoration and reclamation: Private groups funded by sportsmen contribute millions of dollars a year to habitat restoration and reclamation–money that would otherwise have to come from increased taxes and that would almost assuredly never make it through beauracratic red tape. Check out Ducks Unlimited, which has reclaimed in excess of 10 million acres, National Wild Turkey Federation and Pheasants Forever as a few.
9. Suburban sprawl: As America’s suburbs continue to infringe further into rural areas, interactions and conflicts with wildlife escalate. While this is related to earlier points of managment and conservation, it’s not quite the same. Hunting helps keep game species numbers in line with the available habitat–which continues to shrink as concrete foundations are poured over nesting, bedding and feeding habitat.
10. You: America’s army of sportsmen, that includes many millions of hunters, anglers and shooting aficionados stand vigilant against anti-hunters, -gunners and animal-rights activists. You fight their antics at every turn, battle legislation, introduce your own legislation and donate time, money and man-hours to insuring that they will never stop the sport you love.

Instead of pontificating on the doom and gloom of anti-hunters and celebrities and politicians that fall under the spell of animal-rights activists, here are 10 reasons hunting will never be outlawed.