The inside spread of my buck measures 18 3/8 inches. The deer field dressed over 230 lbs.--Carah Beck.

Brian Branham

Next week on see our Deer of the Year finalists and vote for your favorite Deer of the Year! The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate to Cabela’s. This buck was taken by bow in Lawrence County, Ky During the first week of bow season. I had been hunting him for three years but would only see him on trail camera’s in the spring and maybe a few weeks into bow season. Mostly at night or just before dark. Each year I would think someone must have got him but then the next year he would show up again. This year I thought hot or not I was going to get him and hunt every day that I could. I hunted the first four days in 90 degree heat and he never showed. On the fifth day he messed up and came in with just enough shooting light left to make the shoot. He was sure worth the wait. It grossed 154 7/8 with a 21-inch spread and 13 scoreable points.–Brian Branham

Carah Beck

The inside spread of my buck measures 18 3/8 inches. The deer field dressed over 230 lbs.–Carah Beck

John Dembik

The date was Saturday 11/22/2008, the second Saturday of the New York firearms season. The thermometer said 10 degrees when I left my Brother Paul’s cabin located in western New York’s Cattaraugus County. About 9 inches of snow was left on the ground from the previous week. It took 31 years of hunting to get a trophy worthy of being called a “wall hanger,” but I finally did. At the taxidermist he rough scored at 138.25 inches with a inside spread of 22 ¾ inches and was the second biggest one he had received in for mounting, this year to date. I will have him scored again after the 60-day drying period in hopes that he will break the 140 score necessary to make the NYS firearms record book.–John Dembik

Marcus Brown

On November 9, early morning, I smoked this 164-class, 8-point at 37 yards with my PSE bruin. It came in chasing a hot doe–I finally got him to stop with the help of a buck roar call. This bruiser has 10-inch brows and 14-inch G2s.– Marcus Brown Great Bend, Kansas

Mike Passmore

This was my first buck during my first archery year. When I walked up on him, he was not happy to see me and charged me. I wrestled with him for 10 or so minutes before I was able to cut his throat.–Mike Passmore

Mike Petti

This Illinois Buck was cruising for does through a thicket in mid-November when I saw him behind me. I was able to stop him at 46 yards and make the shot. The buck has 9 points and scored 142 inches.–Mike Petti

Reed Platke

Hi my name is Reed Platke, I am fourteen years old and I shot this 5×5 Mule deer out of Superior, Montana. My dad, our friend Joe, and I had parked one truck on the north side of the mountain and another about six miles away on the other side. Our plan was to climb up and over in search of elk. We had been hiking all morning and were on top. We hadn’t seen any elk, so I made the comment, “What about a buck?” My dad replied,” It would have to be a nice one.” We couldn’t have been higher up or farther away from either truck, when this one offered himself up.–Reed Platke

Tim Eggena

After having his younger brother Sutton beat him to bagging the first buck last year, Wright Eggena, 10 years old of Harris County, GA, got his first buck opening weekend on October 12th, 2008. This 17-point, non-typical, 220 lbs buck grossed 163 2/8 inches.


This is a Deer my son David shot in early November. We had both taken a day off to go hunting together this buck came in between the both of us chasing a doe. David waited about 20 minutes to half hour for a shot. The buck only ran 25 yards.–John Tucker
I live in Hastings, Minnesota. On Friday evening Oct. 31, I managed to run out to my deer stand after working late. At about 5:20, this big buck walked in after making a few grunt calls. It was about a 25 yards shot and I tracked him for only 70 yards before finding this 9-point big guy! I took him to John’s Taxidermy in Hastings where he weighed it and measured the rack. It dressed out at 223 pounds It has a 19 ¾-inch inside spread and green scored 140. John said the deer was about 9 1/2 years old. Tyson Gerry

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