Brad Oleson.

sunset_art hoffart

Art Hoffart

sunset_brad oleson

Brad Oleson

sunset_bryan brukwinski

Bryan Brukwinski

sunset_casey walker

Casey Walker

sunset_david willis

David Willis

sunset_gretchen mueller steele

Gretchen Mueller Steele

sunset_jason berkowitz

Jason Berkowitz

sunset_jason wood

Jason Wood

sunset_jeremiah steff

Jeremiah Steff

sunset_kevin jarnagin

Kevin Jarnagin

sunset_kevin roy

Kevin Roy

sunset_kevin odriscoll

Kevin O’Driscoll
Mike Pederson

sunset_robert hills

Robert Hills

sunset_steve pankas

Steve Pankas

sunset_shay mann

Shay Mann

sunset_tim kunkel

Tim Kunkel

Here are our Top 20 picks for the Sunset/Sunrise Photo Contest in no particular order. Cast your vote at the end!