Crocodiles are among the most dangerous animals on the planet, killing hundreds of people annually in Africa and Southeast Asia. Saltwater and Nile crocodiles are the most notorious, and many hunters pursue them in African, where they are big, toothy, cagey and aggressive. The following oversize lizards are record-book entries in Safari Club International (SCI), listed at ( Fred Fortier shot this Nile croc, which at 18-feet, 5-inches is over three times larger than a good-size man. It’s the number two all-time SCI croc, collected from Lake Chamo, Ethiopia, Africa.

crocs Behring

Number five on the SCI all-time croc list is this small dragon, measuring just four inches short of 18-feet long. Kenneth Behring used a rifle to anchor this beast in Tanzania, Africa.

crocs Flynn

Richard Flynn has the number one bow-and-arrow record for croc with this 16-footer, taken in May, 2007 from the Republic of South Africa, near Vryburg.

crocs Lau

At nearly 15-feet long, Wayne Lau’s Nile crock ranks number two among bow-and-arrow hunters. He was hunting in the Republic of South Africa, near Zeerust, in July, 2007.

crocs Zeni

This 14 ½-footer fell to bowman Victor Zeni in August 2006 while hunting the Republic of South Africa also near Zeerust. It’s the No. 3 ranked bowkilled croc.

crocs Tobah

Mohamed Tobah took this 14-foot, 3-inch toothy dragon in Zambia, near Chanjuzi while hunting with Jannie Otto Safaris. He shot the animal in September 1995, and is the No. 1 SCI handgun record for crocodile.

crocs Dyer

This number four SCI record for archery croc was taken by bowhunter Tom Dyer in the Republic of South Africa, near Hluhluwe, in August 2006. The 14-foot, 1-inch croc was collect with help from Mabula Pro Safaris.

crocs Bigg

Muzzleloaders get in on croc hunting, too. This 14-footer taken by Dort Bigg near Chete, Zimbabwe with guide Simon Rodger. It’s the No. 1 croc by muzzleloader in the SCI record book.

crocs D’Elia

Frank D’Elia took this No.3 SCI record handgun Nile crocodile from Zambia, near Luangwa, with guide Alex Walker. The oversize lizard measured well over 13 feet in length.

crocs Erickson

Those are impressive and deadly dentures on Adrian Erickson’s number five SCI record bow croc. The beast measured 13-feet, 1-inch, and was taken in the Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

crocs Atwood

Pamela Atwood has the No. 2 SCI handgun Nile crocodile, with this 12-foot, 5-incher, taken from the Luangwa Valley in Zambia. She was hunting with guide Nick Cominos.

crocs Walker

This No. 3 SCI Nile crocodile for handgunners by Alex Walker was found in Zambia, near Musalangu. It measured over 12-feet long.

crocs de Cabo

Andres de Cabo got this No. 3 ranked SCI croc by muzzleloader with guide Rory Gellatly from Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. It was over 12 feet in length.

crocs Clark

Bowhunter Bill Clark has the number six SCI archery record croc with this nearly 12-footer. It was arrowed with guide D. Van Staden, in the lizard-rich Luangwa Valley, Zambia.

Huge, toothy and aggressive, crocodiles are among the most dangerous animals on the planet. Here are 14 of the biggest ever taken.