Huge bear teeth.
Hunt Where? 2,200 Miles North of Ottawa. How Cold? Negative 20 to 100 degrees farenheight, without the wind chill factor. What vehicle? 14 Dogs that live on the ice and eat whales and seals. Preparing the sleds for our 12-day trip.
Resolute Bay is north of Ottawa near the border between Canada and Greenland.
This is the Inuit caribou suit, which I will wear all 12 days. The boots are called kamiks.
Nat, my guide, will build up the ice on both rails of the sled with bare hands until smooth. I could not leave any portion of my skin uncovered, otherwise I would get burned by the ice.
Bear scored 23 12/16.
Standing in the bed where the bear was waiting for mates.
Huge bear paw.
Huge bear teeth.
The lead dogs.
Starting the 50 mile sled ride home back. It took 25 hours.
Bear skull.
This is the bear mounted. I am 6’4 250lbs.
More of the final bear mount in my house.

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