The town of St. Joseph, Michigan, has one less bison to worry about after police shot and killed one that had escaped from a nearby farm. The bison ran wild in the town's streets and through residential neighborhoods. The decision to shoot it was made after it ran dangerously close to a playground and charged an officer.
Ah, Easter–decorated pastel eggs, happy children devouring marshmallow candies, morning church services, wild turkeys crashing through windows. Wait, what? Gerry Moore and his family didn’t exactly have the typical Easter weekend this year, according to the Ottawa Sun. Gerry and some relatives were lounging in their Ottawa, Canada, house on Saturday morning when a 25-pound tom smashed through a large window in their family room. There had been reports of a female turkey in the area, and it’s presumed that the tom’s erratic behavior was somewhat of a frenzied, lustful fit, perhaps in an attempt to gain the female’s attention. The bird flew around the room until it was finally corralled and released back to its natural home, outside. Luckily, despite the messy house, both the turkey and the Moore family were unharmed.
This hawk might look stately and majestic, but for students at the University of Miami, he’s a dangerous bird that’s ready to attack. One student was recently clawed by the bird as it dive-bombed her while she was leaving her residence hall. It’s now known that the hawk’s aggression was a protective measure–it’s spring, which means time for a mother to nest with her eggs. And these hawks just happened to set up their nests on Miami’s campus. There’s now an umbrella-toting security guard who is in charge of escorting students who walk beneath the nest.
A man in Fort Pierce, Florida, was recently charged with a felony and misdemeanor battery charge for allegedly throwing a “missile” into a boat. But the “missile” in question wasn’t what you might think. It was a fish (or, rather, a piece of a fish). The missile-thrower was fishing from a bridge when he grew increasingly upset at a boater for blocking a prime angling spot on the waters below. After requests for the boater to move went unanswered, the man on the bridge resorted to fish-flinging. After the heat of the moment, the fish-hurler was apologetic. But he was arrested and, and eventually released from Florida’s St. Lucie County Jail on $15,000 bond.
While much of the nation was recently gripped by fear over potential salmonella outbreaks associated with peanut butter, one groundhog in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was unconcerned. This little guy managed to get his head stuck in an empty jar–presumably after over-indulging. A gracious group of bystanders outside a donut shop trapped him, moved him to a garden, removed the jar and released him back into the wild.
Most bird watchers know that Bald eagles have a peculiar way of mating. Their romantic honeymoon involves becoming intertwined and plummeting from the sky together. Most eagle couples manage to end the deed before smashing to the ground. However, as one Minnesota motorist found, mistakes can happen. The motorist was driving and minding the road when one love-struck eagle crashed onto the car’s hood. “When eagles mate they free-fall together with one another,” Minnesota DNR Conservation Officer Mark Mathy said. “Unfortunately this one forgot to start flying before she hit the vehicle.”
Marine Sgt. Adam Rush had a rough day. Rush was bass fishing on North Carolina’s Blue River recently when his boat motor died. Not long after that, a hungry alligator approached Rush’s boat and attacked his stringer of fish. To protect himself and his catch, Rush used a paddle to bat away the aggressive gator. As if that wasn’t bad enough, when Rush called 911 to report the dangerous gator, authorities came and cited him for keeping under-sized bass and using an unregistered boat. Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up.
One deer crashing through your home is enough to spook anyone, but John and Janet Muir of Michigan recently had three deer–all does–crash through their front door. The deer jumped around inside the house momentarily, and then crashed through a window onto an outside deck, according to The Grand Rapids Press. “It happened in an instant, and it was like we couldn’t believe what happened,” said John Muir, 76. ” Two of the deer were believed to be unharmed, but one of them met its domestic demise during the fall to the deck.

Truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to these real life outdoor stories.