Outdoor Celebrities on Record Deer

Jimmy Primos (Primos Game Calls, The Truth television): "As a passionate deer hunter I would love to believe it was authentic. But the photo and the story both smell of fish."
Will Primos (Primos Game Calls, The Truth television): "I enjoy hearing about big bucks, seeing them, reading about them, growing them, etc. For some folks depending on where you live, a trophy is not necessarily 400 inches or 180 inches for that matter. Just a big mature buck with a great rack is a beauty to behold. I pay little attention, if any, to stories like this one until the locals and then the powers that be deem it credible so I will wait until the real truth is known and then go 'WOW!' if it is true."
Kevin Van Dam (all-time biggest bass tournament winner, tallying nearly $3 million in earnings, die-hard whitetail hunter): "Unreal....Over 400 inches is staggering. That's why so many whitetail hunters want to go to Kansas. I already applied for a state deer license there earlier this month. My biggest deer came from Kansas, and that's why I want to go back. I hope management policies still help deer get to maturity, so deer like this continue to be a possibility there."
Greg Tinsley (co-producer of the Big Game Profiles television show): "In my experience, these things often do not have a happy ending. The only vetting for this sort of material is accomplished through the record's book arm of the Boone and Crockett Club."
Wade Bourne (co-host Ducks Unlimited televison): "I'm puzzled by these photos. They look legitimate, but unless the owner is willing to step into the spotlight and have his story scrutinized, I'm skeptical."
Tiffany Lakosky (co-host of television's "Gettin' Close with Lee and Tiffany"): "Wow, looks like a stud deer. It's really hard to see what's all going on with that rack. But if there was ever a buck that big, Kansas is the state that we would expect it to come from."
Ron Spomer (host of Winchester's Legends televison show): "I've seen a number of weird, non-typical whitetail antlers over the years, but they all maintain a basic, classic pattern that isn't evident here. "This does bring up several valid concerns with our trophy antler fetish; how much do super crops (and super nutrition), growth hormones, genetic manipulation and the like impact antler development? Are our super deer "real" or a man-made phenomenon? Could the kind of super racks produced under controlled conditions ever grow in the wild? "We should anticipate this and be prepared to consider a unique trophy category for recognizing it."
Ernie Calandrelli (Quaker Boy Game Calls, celebrity hunter and television personality): "Whitetail bone with over 400-inches, amazing. I would have a heart attack if he was coming in to my grunt call! "In the wild it would have to be a freak. I just hope it is not from where I hunt. "Nowadays when a big buck is killed or seen, it must be guarded like it's related to homeland security or only the rich or famous will get to hunt it."
Larry Weishuhn (World of Whitetail TV host, deer biologist): "There is no doubt in my mind 400+ B&C non-typical whitetail bucks exist - they do I know for a fact inside of breeding programs, the result of "genetics", "nutrition" and "age." I also have no doubt that in time a hunter will take a free-ranging non-typical whitetail buck that will score over 400 somewhere in North America. This, because of management programs that insure deer receive quality nutrition from the time they were conceived and as a secondary result of proper management that they get to become mature, and then develop their best possible antlers. "Such a buck could with proper management could come from just about any state in the U.S. or any province in Canada. I'm excluding Mexico. "This is an interesting conversation piece."
Tom Miranda (ESPN Outdoors TV): "I've seen a bunch of big deer in my day…but that monstrosity…WOW! Freak of the genetic pool. Unfortunately today there is always the question of authenticity. If the rack is legitimate, what a buck."
Joe Thomas (Cleveland Browns all-pro offensive lineman, co-host Ohio Outdoors TV show): "I have seen some 300+ deer from wilderness whitetails, as well as from a whitetail breeder in Wisconsin, and they looked bigger than this deer's antlers. While the whole story seems unlikely, if this is the real deal, whoever owns the rack is about to be in for a big payday!"

Outdoor celebrities weigh in on the 400+ giant whitetail.