Another rough day in the wild!.
If, in your travels you see a deer crossing sign, or even a moose crossing sign, it’s there for a reason. Highway departments place these warning signs in areas that exhibit statistically higher percentages of accidents. If you look at many deer crossing signs they are found near riparian zones or agricultural fields. As for a moose crossing sign, take it seriously.
The gal driving the car in the following photos didn’t heed the warning and is lucky to be alive after hitting this young bull.
Imagine if she would have clipped a mature animal weighing nearly 1,000 pounds.
Makes hitting a rabbit seem trivial doesn’t it?
This was a scene reportedly 1/4 mile out of the city limits out of Parker, Idaho. Although yet to be confirmed, it looked to F&G as if the wolves had killed the cat.
This was the same nuisance cat that F&G captured then took to Little Wood Reservoir and turned loose.
The wolves had mauled it on the back, rump, and the kill bite was on the windpipe-neck area. The stomach ripping was after it was down.
So what’s the epitome of having a bad day? Take a look at this badger.
The critter obviously got in the way of a hay baler and wound up part of the bale.
Another rough day in the wild!

Wildlife dramas unfold daily–many with devastating consequences.