The Freak Show!

DROP TINES: The sight of a drop tine, large or small, will jazz any hunter. Maybe that’s because drops or “clubs” occur on relatively few whitetails. Usually only a single or double drop grows. Wild Fact: The No. 1 non-typical, which was picked up in St. Louis Co., Mo., in 1981, has six measurable drops on its 3337⁄8-inch rack.
JUNK: While points and mass add up to an amazing trophy, the bucks that attract the most gawkers sport all kinds of junk, like beams that branch into stubby crowns or kicker and sticker tines. Wild Fact: The No. 5 Tony Fulton Buck, which scores 2956⁄8, has two big, matching sticker blobs on each beam, with a drop tine below each.
MASS: Show me an old buck with beer-can thick bases and heavy mass throughout the main beams and I’ll show you a giant that will make a hunter faint. Wild Fact: Masswise, the largest antler base on record is 8 inches in circumference (the right base of the No. 3 all-time Tony Lovstuen Buck, which scored 3075⁄8).
POINTS ALL OVER: While B&C scorers talk inches, the average hunter still talks points. Want to impress? Tell a guy you just killed a 15- or 22-pointer and watch his jaw drop. Wild Fact: The No. 7 non-typical, a 2843⁄9-inch giant killed in Texas way back in 1892, has 47 points (21 on its right beam, 27 on its left).