Hot Shots

Submitted to us by Dena Jensen: This is my Uncle Rob. Some say he is crazy? About five years ago he was elk hunting somewhere in the upper states. Rob held only a bow/arrow and a can of mace. His guide did carry a pistol. While tracking an elk that he had wounded with his bow, the guide became aware of another set of tracks that was also following the blood trail. Needless to say, a tale full of chaos and fear, bewilderment and death came to life as a sow bear met face to face with these two men. Just recently my uncle went on a GRIZZLY bear hunt in Alaska, after nearly being killed by a black bear just a few years ago. Amazingly they came across this huge grizzly just after minutes of being out in the field. Although some of our family would believe he is crazy, he just has a wonderful sense of adventure.
Nate LaCost and the Safari Club International #1 World Record non-typical archery Coues Whitetail. Nate broke a 22 year standing archery record. He has been submitted to Pope and Young scoring (pending #1 status) as well as Boone and Crockett where if he stands he should rank 43rd All-Time. He also was featured in Trophy Hunter and North American Whitetail. Good job Nate!
We're not sure about the specifics of this story, but either way it's an AWESOME cat. Thanks to Marc and Belinda Bailey for the photos.
Brian Montalbo sent in some great white shark breaching photos from a trip to South Africa last year. What a monster fish! Thanks Brian.

Sharks, lions and bears! We get it all from our readers. Check out some of the most extreme shots we've gotten recently.