Cody buile the first wood-pot-chambered call two decades ago, and now offers its Woodsman Drop Dead Series. This new call has excellent tone quality, and the glass version pops like a true boss hen. ($75; T.R. Hendrick


Big brother to the classic Ol’ Yeller, the Hammer has a patent-pending integrated soundboard and a wood-plastic composite pot that provides the rich sound of wood with the durability of plastic. ($28.50;
The aircraft-grade aluminum pot creates a tuning-fork effect that peaks at more than 15,000 Hz. It is 100 percent waterproof with M.A.D.’s carbon striker, and nice and mellow sounding with the purpleheart wood striker also provided. ($22; T.R. Hendrick
This is one of Primos’s best sellers year after year, and for good reason. The call’s super-hard surface easily peaks at 15,000 Hz, due to a combination of the crystal surface and the acoustics of the internal soundboard. The call boasts powerful volume and is ideal for windy days. ($25; T.R. Hendrick
The diamond-dusted surface offers traceable operation marks to let you know where to run your striker. Ease of use makes this a good call for beginners as well as seasoned vets. ($18; T.R. Hendrick
This award-winning pot-and-peg can play loud, breaking yelps or tone down to play sultry purrs and clucks. The price is higher than that of a mass-produced chain-store call, but pretty darn good for the custom quality you’re getting. ($50; T.R. Hendrick
This call combines the best Pennsylvania slate with a super-hard cherrywood sound chamber. The soundboard is quarter-sawn cherry, ideal for sparking loud, reflective calls. You can even “kee-kee.” ($70; T.R. Hendrick

When it comes to talking turkey, a pot-and-peg friction call is tough to beat. Unlike with a the mouth diaphragm, the average hunter can pick up one of these friction calls and, in the course of a day, lay down some respectable turkey smack. With tons of great pot-and-peg calls on the market today, it’s tough to narrow it down to a handful of the best, but choose a call (or two or three) from this list, and you’ll be playing sweet turkey tunes in no time.