July Reader Photos

We have some awesome reader photos this month. Click to see a lady who can out hunt you with her … Continued

Gretchen Steele (runner up from our Sunset Photo Contest) submitted this photo with the caption: “Mornings like this are what keep us all heading to the rivers and lakes before dawn. Taken on the Kaskaskia River in New Athens, IL at Smitty’s Marina.”
“This was a late season 8 pound steelhead taken drifting crawlers with a centerpin.” Thanks for the photo, manofsteel!
Steve Birdsall says, “this should fit right in with the rest of the Best Boat Names
Colorado elk hunt submitted by outdoorlife.com user hammer360.
Dillon wrote in, “This is my duck tattoo that I had it done about 5 days ago. I love hunting, especially duck and deer hunting, so I thought what would be a better tattoo to get than something I love to do so? I got the ducks and a deer ripping out of my arm. I got my tattoos done by Inkmark’d in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.”
Zach5069, “One last fishing trip in May before my daughter was born later that month. First night of the trip my friends and I landed 4 leopard sharks all apx 20-25 lbs.”
Submitted by hunter13194, “My first buck 167 4/8 non-typical.”
MarcyLJackowiak writes, “TRUST ME I’ve heard it all… Anything from “Is that your training gun?” to “That thing might as well be pink with butterflies!” But I take them with a grain of salt… Especially when I out-shoot most of the Benellis in the lay out blinds alongside me! With several hundred kills under my belt, I think the red gun deserves a little more respect!”
roadstar_1700@msn.com took this Montana elk with IRC Outfitters.
Jake Jefferson sent in his new tat with this to say, “I had this bear track tattoo done. The hind foot is modeled off a photo from a 9 foot brown bear I guided out of Cordova Alaska and the front foot modeled from a photo of a 10’6″ kodiak brown bear my client shot last fall. As a brown bear guide in Alaska, it strikes up alot of conversation in bear camp! Enjoy!”
Outdoorlife.com user PinkCamo, “Everytime I go fishing, I talk to my granddad, the man who first taught me to fish. As I talked to him, I asked for a sign- to see if he’s proud of me, if I’m doing my life right. When I finally realized that he was proud of me, I didnt need a sign, I felt a tug. Out came my biggest fish ever- my 30-inch walleye- Thanks, granddad!”
MarcyLJackowiak again! “This was our early season in Illinois. Sure, there’s nothing like freezing your butt off, truck stuck in the field and snowing like crazy (because it’s all part of the experience), but you can’t tell me hunting in 70 degree weather isn’t a little awesome too?!”
Outdoorlife.com user jetskibrian says, “Here ia a picture of a Mahi that I caught 30 miles offshore of Cape Hatteras from my jet kki on June 24th.”
From outdoorlife.com user John Lascor, “Remember your first fish, that you baited the hook, made the cast and landed it all by yourself? Well, Calvin Lascor will never forget his. He caught a total of 5 fish that day with his largest bieng a 22″ Rainbow Trout (side note: that is half his size). Which is better, to be 4 again or to be a 4 year old’s dad?”
Albino deer spotted in central Minnesota by outdoorlife.com user albinodeerguy.

We have some awesome reader photos this month. Click to see a lady who can out hunt you with her red rifle, California shark fishing, and much more!