Summit’s New Tree Stand Line-Up

Summit has a long a excellent reputation for producing great tree stands. They have a wealth of new models on … Continued

Double Barrel: This two-person ladder stand is made of extra heavy, thick-gage steel, with wide welded rungs, sturdy padded hand rails and a padded seat. It will attach to 20-inch diameter trees, will handle 500 pounds of weight, and the shooting rail is 18 feet above ground.
Falcon: This new hang-on stand from Summit is so fast and easy to use it will set up in less than 30 seconds. It’s light, compact and has a large 18x8x3 foam seat that folds flat against the tree when a hunter is standing, and removes for convenient storage.
Viper SS: The versatile Viper SS is great for bow and gun hunting. At just 20 pounds and all-aluminum construction, it’s one of the lightest and easiest to use climbing stands, ideal for run-and-gun hunters.
Single Shot: This one man, 90-pound ladder stand accommodates hunters to 300 pounds, and the stand base is 15-feet above ground. It comes with full backrest attached to the stand frame.
Eagle: The Raptor rsEagle is arguably the most comfortable hang-on stand made, thanks to its adjustable 3-inch padded saddle-style seat measuring 18x16x3. This easy and quick-to-hang stand, and with adjustable cables the stand base is simple to level for hunting any tree. And it comes with a 5 year warranty, and is made in the U.S.A.
Bucksteps: Bucksteps tree steps from Summit attach to a tree individually, allowing a hunter to climb trees that otherwise would be inaccessible to climbing tree stands or conventional climbing sticks. A cam-buckle tree strap securely attaches easy Bucksteps section to a tree. They’re lightweight and easily “nest” together for easy carrying.
Run-N-Gun (RNG) Deluxe: This new ground blind sets up in an amazing 10 seconds, and takes down in half that time. Quiet and roomy, this 26-pound blind has removable “shoot through” mesh winds, silent side adjustment window flaps, and a vented roof. Floor size is 6 feet x 6 feet, and is just under six feet tall.
Single Shot MAGNUM: While designed a one-man ladder stand, it’s oversize and roomy, really a man-and-a-half stand. This is the perfect stand for an all-day hunt, with plenty of space for a hunter to spread out and get comfortable, waiting for a big buck to show. It has heavy-gauge steel construction, rugged hand rails, a thick padded seat, spacious platform, a 5 year warranty and can handle 350 pounds.
Predator Pod: A 360-degree swiveling seat and solid “V” gun rest make this stand one of the best for hunters wanting freedom of movement and open-sides vision. The non-adjustable seat is 6 feet off the ground, just high enough to clear young-growth trees, while maintaining natural cover for camouflage. With solid-steel construction, the stand weighs 40 pounds.
Run-N-Gun (RNG) Lite: This is the ground blind for hunters on the move. It sets up fast, and at only 20-pounds this all-camo 300-denier fabric ground blind is perfect for gun and bow hunters who love to run-n-gun. It has a compact 5×5 floor, with 65-inch height.
Open Shot Deluxe: This extremely lightweight (15 pounds) stand allows hunters to trek far back into big timber where the biggest bucks roam. It climbs trees quickly and safely, and features a new-design padded seat set inside the frame that folds up out of the way when a hunter stands.

Summit has a long a excellent reputation for producing great tree stands. They have a wealth of new models on the market for this fall. Here are some of them.