Buck Fight A hunter named Kent in Brown County, Kansas sent this photo of two buster bucks fighting it out last January near a Moultrie feeder. Kent states he has no less than 50 photos of the bucks, one a 9-pointer, the other a gigantic 17-point trophy.
Christmas Eve Whopper This photo of a giant Iowa whitetail was taken by a trail camera put out by hunter George Parris. Notes on the camera image show it was taken with the air temperature 7 degrees, December 24, 2008, a little before noon during a nearly dark moon phase. Obviously, this buck isn’t one of Santa’s reindeer.
Droptine Buck It was 56 degrees at almost 5 p.m. when this Moultrie trail camera image was made near Blue Springs, Missouri. This distinctive rack buck was on the move during the dark phase of the moon between Christmas and New Year last year.
Hope I Get ‘Em The title of this photo from the Moultrie trail camera website sums up a hunter’s feelings toward this still-growing, heavy-beam buck in velvet. The camera owner states he has 55 photos of this Southern Illinois buck, all made with his D40 Moultrie camera. The photos show why it’s good hunting sense to maintain cameras during the off-season, since this photo was made in June, and the buck has several more months of growing before deer season opens.
200-Inch Buck The photo is a little out of focus, but the trail camera still gets an award for showing the giant working near this hunter’s stand last November near Flat Rock, Oklahoma. The 14-pointer may have 200-inches of antler. No news if the hunter tagged this big boy.
10 Pointer Aaron in New Brunswick, Canada submitted this great 10-point buck licking a branch above a scrape on a cold mid-November morning. The moon was nearly full, according to camera data with the photo, but this rutting buck was on the move at 8:30 a.m.
Browning Buck This photo of a buck comes close to being the real thing of the famous Browning Buck logo for the Browning Arms Company. Fred Lee submitted the September photo of the Hoboken, Georgia deer to the Moultrie website. The buck was taken that fall by hunter Will Hammons of Jacksonville, Florida, who had a taxidermist mount the deer in the same Browning Buck pose.
Buck Fight A hunter named Kent in Brown County, Kansas sent this photo of two buster bucks fighting it out last January near a Moultrie feeder. Kent states he has no less than 50 photos of the bucks, one a 9-pointer, the other a gigantic 17-point trophy.
Louisiana Big Daddy Louisiana isn’t known for giant whitetail bucks, but apparently no one told Chris Bourgeois, who got this photo with a Moultrie camera set near a feeder outside Albita, Louisiana in September. Air temperature was a hot 84 degrees at 9:30 a.m., when the buck was feeding during a new moon phase. Chris has nearly 200 photos of this buck over a three year span.
Monster Buck Kevin in Northeast Wisconsin is likely trying to keep the location secret of his trail camera that recorded this 30-point buck. The photo was clicked at night in early October, and Kevin boasts having 40 photos of the Boone & Crockett, non-typical.
Sleeping Giant It was nearly 10 p.m. during last November’s rut in Missouri when hunter “Randy” got this Moultrie trail camera photo of a huge buck bedded down, but alert, near a scrape. The picture was made near the town of St. Clair in east-central Missouri.
Texas Drop Tine One of the cool things of trail cameras is they allow hunters to “watch” bucks mature. A hunter near Sadler, Texas sent in this trail camera photo of a wide 10-pointer with a distinctive drop tine point. It was taken last mid-October during the full moon. The hunter reports photos of the buck the previous year show it was a 9-pointer, with no drop time.
Working A Scrape A hunter near Fort Benning, Georgia set his camera near a scrape last October and got this photo of a good buck working licking branches above it. The hunter states his trail camera got photos of four different bucks working the scrape. That’s valuable information, so you’re not tempted to take a lesser buck than one that may be a whopper tending the same scrape.
The Night Stalker The photo is out of focus, but who cares! Knowing this giant Ohio buck with kicker points is living in your hunting woods would keep any sportsmen enthused. The hunter who submitted the photo to Moultrie has over 30 photos of the buck made last November; all at night, since the buck never was on the move during the day.
Indiana Hoss Many hunters believe Indiana is one of the best “sleeper states” for whitetails in America, and this photo well makes the argument. This spectacular farm buck was caught on camera in mid-October last year near Morgantown. The temperature is recorded at 35 degrees, during a mid-moon phase at 4 a.m. Looks like a great spot for a daybreak stand.
North Carolina Giant Jeff, in North Carolina, very likely knows where a Booner buck lives, thanks to this trail camera photo of a 13-pointer made late last September. Look at those time lengths! View more stories from our Whitetail Hunter’s Playbook here!

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