Born To Hunt

East Texas Whitetail: Caroline took this nice 8-point buck on her family farm last December near Nacogdoches, Texas. This free-range buck was spotted and stalked by Caroline using a muzzleloading rifle.
Vancouver Bear: Caroline took a second bear during her Canada hunt last May with Jim Shockey. This beautiful bruin fell to her muzzleloader at a distance of 53 yards. Both hunts will be shown on Shocky's Hunting Adventures television show.
Buffalo: Caroline traveled to Cimarron, New Mexico for self-guided American bison hunt. Can you believe a 13-year old young lady at that time, looking face to face at a one-ton bull, armed only with a .44 magnum pistol? This is the #15 Safari Club International bison taken with a pistol. All of the bison meat was donated to a local women's shelter charity.
Namibia Leopard: Caroline and her father traveled to Namibia, Africa with Ozondjahe Safaris in July 2008. This was one of the most trying hunts for Caroline, trying for a leopard. She spent 10 days in a blind, over 70 hours waiting for that 3 seconds a leopard might sit still. A great shot to the leopard with only a few seconds to make it happen.
Black Hawaiian: This #1 SCI black Hawaiian sheep taken by a crossbow, and was collected by Caroline last December during a self-guided Nacogdoches, Texas hunt.
Javelina: During a self-guided javelina hunt last March near Hebronville, Texas, Caroline spotted this javelina at over 100 yards, and stalked it to within crossbow range, taking the animal at 17 yards. It ranks #9 with SCI among javelina taken with a crossbow.
Feral Boar: Hunting near Jayton, Texas in July Caroline spotted this wild hog, stalked it in thick brush, and took the animal at 12 yards with her crossbow.
Tahr: Last September Caroline traveled to New Zealand, with Kiwi Safaris, to collect this beautiful tahr. This was a difficult and dangerous hunt, requiring considerable spotting, stalking and hiking in rugged mountains.
Eland: Caroline's first trip to Africa was in May, 2007 with HHK Safaris. This oversize eland she took at 70 yards with a .300 Weatherby, and started her love of big game hunting.

There's no other way to say it: Caroline Pruitt was born to hunt. While only age 14, this remarkably successful young woman has over 50 big game animal species to her credit. Here are some of her trophies.