Referred to as “Elvis” by locals, this monster non-typical buck is back in the limelight near the city limits of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, after becoming star last summer for his roadside dining. Here are some still photographs of the giant, but if you want to see live footage of the celebrity buck you can visit this link: A lucky shed hunter picked up the buck’s sheds in early 2009 and when you compare the sheds from last year to the velvet-clad antlers the buck is currently showing off, you can see some definite growth, especially in the G1 and G2 areas, plus brow tine extensions. Elvis illustrates the refuge factor suburban sprawl can create for whitetails willing to tough it out in the patio trenches. Like many regions of the country Sioux Falls has seen growing pains with increased suburbanization in adjacent agricultural areas. This hopscotch development often creates refuge for big bucks allowing them to escape and mature into trophies like Elvis. This buck would definitely rank high in South Dakota. The current state non-typical state record is 256 1/8 points and was shot in 1948 in Marshall County. You can see a replica of that buck at the Cabela’s store in Mitchell. Interestingly, Elvis’ home near Sioux Falls is located in Minnehaha County, home to the state record typical buck. The state record was reportedly shot in 1964 and nets an even 193 points. Little is known about that buck except that it is a giant and more proof South Dakota can produce big bucks if they are allowed to reach maturity. In fact, according to Boone and Crockett records, South Dakota ranked in the top 10 states for producing Boone and Crockett bucks during the timeframe of 1830 to 1979. What will Elvis score? You tell me. He’s a 200-class buck this year and I’m sure a number of hunters have their hopes pinned on him leaving the sanctuary of city limits. Let’s just hope he’s given a fair chance and evades the desire of poachers.

Elvis has entered the field! New photographs of the Sioux Falls, South Dakota giant buck surface after becoming a star last summer.