An Early Rut?

For deer hunters, checking trail cam photos is sort of like your birthday and Christmas all rolled up in one--the anticipation builds when a cold front passes or when a hard frost hits and you just can't wait to get that little disk into your hands to see what's on it.
That anticipation is perhaps highest early in the season when trail cams provide you with the first look at the bucks in your hunting area. We put a new Bushnell Trophy Cam on the freshly opened scrape last week in our hunting area in New York's Catskills. With the moon waxing full (Oct. 4), our trail cam captured a flurry of buck activity on the scrape including a shoving match between a couple of spikes.
The times of the visits are also fascinating. This was on Oct. 3 at 5:27 am
Oct. 3, 5:28 am
Oct. 4, 12:46 am
Oct. 4, 1:34 am
Oct. 4, 1:36 am
Oct. 4, 1:37 am
Oct. 4, 2:05 am
Oct. 4, 2:06 am
Oct. 4, 10:28 pm
Oct. 4, 10:29 pm
Oct. 5, 1:47 am
Oct. 5, 1:49 am
Oct. 5, 1:52 am
Oct. 5, 5:15 am
Oct. 5, 9:14 pm
Oct. 6, 4:03 am
Oct. 6, 7:25 pm
Oct. 6, 7:26 pm
Oct. 9, 4:00 am
Oct. 10, 11:38 pm

The fall buck shuffle is heating up! Check out this activity around one scrape last week.