Wow! Wayne Schumacher of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, sure knows how to kick off the 2009 whitetail season and set the bar high. The 52-year-old Schumacher arrowed a monster whitetail reportedly with a green score of approximately 220 points.
Of course the brute will have to dry for 60 days before the official score can be confirmed, but either way it’s a buck that most only see in dreams. Depending on how many of the points can be counted due to score-keeping rules, the buck is sporting approximately 30 that may see the tape measure. The buck also reportedly field-dressed at 225 pounds putting it at nearly 275 pounds on the hoof. What’s really impressive is the buck’s inside spread; an incredible 20 ½ inches.
The buck sauntered by at 15 yards and the arrow felled the buck within 70 yards. After more than 30 years of hunting Schumacher was living the dream. Those who have seen the buck estimate it to be a 4 /12-year-old and up until the shot, Schumacher and his brother never knew it existed. Another local bowhunter did however provide trail camera evidence of the buck and provided a copy of the velvet monster to Schumacher as a keepsake.
One comment I read from Schumacher says a lot for all deer hunters. He’s a regular guy who works for the city and hunts local property, yet his dream came true. The whole season is ahead so it may for you as well.

The 2009 bow season kicks off with a 220-point monster!