>>VIEW BBZ LIVE VIDEOS HERE!<< Monday, November, 17 Day 2 Biblical Rain…. We tried every weather related website available in the hope of finding a forecast that DID NOT call for torrential downpours…we didn’t find one. As it was the day before, the four of us were dressed and ready to go just after 4 am. Some of the guys in camp opted to sleep in and hunt the afternoon, but we headed into the rain before first light. Eric and Mike headed off to one farm, Pete and I headed to the same farm that we hunted yesterday as there have been some nice shooter bucks caught on trail cameras recently. I set up in a lock-on stand 70 yds off of a cut corn field and saw a nice buck running a doe around in the cut corn when driving out in the dark.
I’m not going to lie–it was another marathon struggle in the pouring rain. We kept tabs on each other via blackberry in order to keep our spirits up. I managed to see a shooter buck chasing a doe in the cut corn field for an hour and a half. It was a game of cat and mouse, she’d run full speed away from him and he’d chase…then they’d stop and stare at each other for a few minutes, and then chase again. He did manage to come within 75 yards of me, but no closer. I also saw a solid 130 class 8 point at 20 yards, and another smaller 8 point chasing a doe back and forth on the ridge above me. The rain has definitely not slowed down the rut from my point of view….just kept hunters inside. Pete, Eric and Mike all reported seeing bucks chasing does. Pete had 4 bucks within 30 yards of his stand and a total of 35 deer. Eric saw nearly 100 deer in a cut corn field he was watching and Mike had deer within range all day. The one kicker is that none of us have had shooters in range. Hopefully it is just a matter of time!
I will say I was glad to hear the Bad Boy Buggy coming my way after dark to fetch me out of my tree. It has rained for 48 hours and 24 of those I have been in a tree. Back at the lodge it’s the same routine of lining up for the clothes dryer, eating dinner (fried chicken tonight) and going to bed. As I write this we are watching Monday Night Football and drinking a few hard-earned Bud Lights.
I have a good feeling about tomorrow!

DAY 2–Outdoor Life’s Big Buck Zone heads to renowned Pike County, Illinois all this week on a rut hunt for trophy whitetails.