Bear Town PA: 3

As we await the final tally on the 2009 Pennsylvania bear kill, take a look at the photo of this giant last-day bruin that found its way into our inbox. The huge boar reportedly weighed 532 dressed which puts its live weight somewhere in the neighborhood of 650. That's a giant black bear anywhere. It was reportedly shot in the Poconos.
It takes an army of hunters to drag a bear of that magnitude back to the truck. Awesome job guys and hearty congratulations from Outdoor Life and bear hunters across the state.
Meanwhile, back at the Coudersport, PA firehouse, where bear checking is a spectator sport, Nicholas and Zachary Phelps, Christopher Daniels and Evan Luisi, watch in awe as a harvested bear hits the scales.
A legion of sportsmen and women of all ages came to the firehouse during the course of the 3-day PA season.
Game Commission officials and biologists were especially accommodating to curious youngsters.
The four boys get a quick course on bear biology.
By the end of the second day of the PA bear season, 2,709 bears were shot.
The bear hunt roster at Steve Trupe's Ridgerunner Camp.
Bear sausage, meatballs and pasta dinner at the Trupe camp.
Seconds anyone? The top 10 bears processed at PA check stations on Monday and Tuesday all had estimated live weights that exceeded 570 pounds. Terence Burkhardt, of Jim Thorpe, harvested the largest bear, which was a male that weighed in at 654 pounds (actual live weight). The bear was taken in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County. Other large bears included: --- a 654-pound male (estimated live weight) taken in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County, by Michael J. Wimmer Jr., of Jim Thorpe. --- a 644-pound male (actual live weight) taken in Todd Township, Fulton County, by Travis L. Crouse, of Chambersburg --- a 610-pound male (actual live weight) taken in Middle Paxton Township, Dauphin County, by David T. Frey, of Harrisburg --- a 607-pound male (estimated live weight) taken in Lehman Township, Pike County, by Arthur Garris Jr. of Bushkill. --- a 588-pound male (estimated live weight) taken in Porter Township, Pike County, by John T. Waters Jr. of Spring City.

Day 3 bear report from the western Pennsylvania bear woods.