Matt Heinaman couldn't hide his enthusiasm after taking his first-ever black bear.
Two drivers discuss strategy before heading through a clearcut on the second day of the Pennsy bear season. CHECK OUT DAY 1 HERE!
Drivers line up on a ridge bench before heading toward standers.
A second group of drivers heading into position. Terrain in this area of northwestern Pennsylvania is certainly steep and because bears seem to love to hole up in grown up clearcuts, the driving is both treacherous and rigorous. In addition, safety is of the utmost importance due to the close-quarters shooting opportunities.
When all else fails, it’s time to pull out the good-luck charms–two bear canine teeth.
Hunters head back to their vehicles to re-group after the conclusion of the first drive of the morning.
Others take a moment to reflect upon the action of the morning.
The day’s first big drive pushed five bears out of a big clear-cut including this nice sow.
Matt Heinaman couldn’t hide his enthusiasm after taking his first-ever black bear.
Meanwhile, at the Coudersport checking station, biologists were checking in bears at a record pace. Here’s the biggest bear of Opening Day–a 366-pound boar.
A happy group of Northwestern PA hunters with their bear. It was a group effort.
Biologists unload a bear for inspection at the Coudersport fire house.
Dressed-weight is 208.
Exact weight is critical information in order to judge the health of the bear herd and to properly manage the harvest.
Milk teeth are also extracted in order to age the animals. Biologists examine cross-sections of teeth similar to how foresters age trees.
Extraction complete
Biologists also find surprises at times such as these intestinal worms pulled from a harvested boar. They did not seem to cause the bear any digestive problems–he was a healthy animal.
The Day 1 statewide tally becomes official: 1,897 total bears, easily beating the 2008 mark.
PA officials discuss the harvest placement map.

Bear Truck

The end of the day bear tally for Steve Trupe’s Ridgerunner Hunting Club was six bears. More to come on

Day 2 in the western Pennsylvania bear woods pays off for Steve Trupe’s Ridgerunner Hunting Club.