Television co-host Vicki Cianciarulo arrowed this Colorado buck on Nov. 13 as it jumped a fence into a field where nine other bucks fed. She made a perfect shot on the deer at 17 yards, which measured 203 5/8s inches.
_In case you haven’t checked a calendar lately, it’s mid-November – the time throughout much of North America when whitetail bucks are going nuts during the height of the rut. Weather and hunting pressure can have an impact on when the rut rocks in a specific area. And the rut in Florida and Montana don’t exactly coincide. But throughout much of this continent, November is the time when the biggest of the big rack whitetails are on a tear, rushing here and there and over the next ridge, too, seeking hot, young, receptive females. They’re vulnerable, and waiting. So why are you wasting time reading this? Get out there and take a chance on a buck of your dreams – like some of the following hunters did at this time in seasons passed._ << This is a buck of 10,000 lifetimes, one that really takes a hunter's breath away. The 287 4/8-inch monster was shot Nov. 29, 2008 in Alberta, Canada by Helgie Eymundson during a self-guided rifle hunt. It ranks as the number one Safari Club International ( non-typical buck.
This is famed television hunter Mark Drury’s best buck with a bow. The 5.5 year old, 230-pound, 14-point, 194-inch monster was taken on Nov. 9 during the peak of the Iowa rut.
Blair Cote was on a self-guided hunt to Wildlife Management Unit 515 in Alberta, Canada when he tagged this remarkable 273 4/8s non-typical giant on Nov. 19, 2006. The 28-point buck has main beam lengths of 24 4/8s and 28 3/8s.
Noted bowhunter Ernie Calandrelli with Quaker Boy took this wide-rack and massive 290-pound, northern Missouri buck on the last day of the archery-only deer season. It was Nov. 11; the buck was in full rut trailing a doe and walked within 15 yards of Ernie’s stand. It scored 163 5/8s.
Bowhunter Jason Gordon arrowed this giant buck in east-central Mississippi the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago. The non-typical buck has three larger main-beams, and scored over 175 inches.
This great buck was taken along the Platt River in Nebraska by college student Jake Mort in mid-November last year. No official score on the rack, but little doubt the 11-pointer is a near “Booner.”
Scott White made a 30-yard shot on this 11-point Kansas buck last November that gross scored over 200 inches. It had 27-inch main beams and made the Kansas top 10 buck club.
Missouri rifleman Warren Parker collected this Jackson County, Missouri 200 7/8s-inch non-typical buck on Nov. 18. It has 21 points, and main beam circumferences of 5 6/8s and 5 3/8s.
Rifleman Dwayne Kraychy was on a self-guided hunt to Thorhild County, Alberta, Canada when he busted this 204 6/8s non-typical giant. He downed the deer on Nov. 19, 2005. It sports 18 points with main beam lengths each over 25 inches.
Young Dustin Jerrett tagged this 192 5/8s inch non-typical Angelina County, Texas buck with his rifle on Nov. 27, 2005. The distinctive drop-tine is one of 12 points.
On Nov. 21, 2005, muzzleloader Randall Dixon collected this awesome Saskatchewan, Canada buck. It scores 272 5/8s inches, with 27 heavy points.
Bedias, Texas gave up this 211 4/8s inch buck to Scott Garrett on Nov. 7. The non-typical whitetail has a 5-inch and 6-inch main beam circumference; main beam lengths each over 22 ½ inches; a 21 5/8s inch antler spread; and 21 points.
Television co-host Vicki Cianciarulo arrowed this Colorado buck on Nov. 13 as it jumped a fence into a field where nine other bucks fed. She made a perfect shot on the deer at 17 yards, which measured 203 5/8s inches.
Ralph Cianciarulo ate Thanksgiving dinner on the tailgate of his pickup truck so he could be in his Kansas tree stand instead of home cutting turkey breast. Good thing, because this 188-inch Boone and Crockett buck ambled by within range late that November afternoon.

If ever there ever was a time to be on stand, now is it! Why? Check out the giants that were taken during these critical two weeks in November.