Colorado Slam Day 2

Colorado Grand Slam winner and Editor-in-Chief head to the five-star Kessler Ranch in DeBeque, Colorado for a trophy elk hunt, … Continued

The gun room at Kessler Canyon has some real jewels and many of them are for sale. To see Day 1 CLICK HERE!
Mornings were made brighter thanks to Surefire’s Saint Minimus headlamp and Aviator handheld flashlight.
John mans the Zeiss 10X binoculars while Lance watches for bulls through the spotting scope. On our first morning out we hadn‚t walked 250 yards from the truck when we started seeing elk. In the first hour we spotted more than 150 elk. Seven were bulls but nothing that tempted John to fill his tag on day 1.
The easiest way to hunt this country is to get up on the high ridges and slowly work your way down, glassing on either side of the draws for elk. While walking was relatively easy, you can really feel the thin air.
John and Lance look over some spectacular country. Shortly after this photo was taken a nice bull came flying over the near ridge following 6 cows. Unfortunately, the wind was in their favor and they winded us, spoiling the chance for a stalk.
Our intrepid crew. Eric Schwink, at left, handles all of the video equipment while Tyler Stableford is shooting all of the still photos for the Colorado Grand Slam. Both are avid hunters who know how to move quietly, which is a huge help when you‚re trying to sneak on elk with a smaller army of guys.
At lunch, Lance and head guide, Tim Curry, compare notes, locating the ridges we’ll work in the afternoon.
The climb up from the main lodge is over 2000 feet to get up on top where the elk are. Kessler Canyon has a tidy little cabin situated on a lone ridge complete with a kitchen and bunkroom for power naps.
Colorado Grand Slam winner John Stanley finishes out a long day of glassing. The wind was blowing about 40 miles per hour, which made for a chilly late-afternoon session behind the binoculars. Hopefully, we’ll find a big bull tomorrow. To see Day 1 CLICK HERE!

Colorado Grand Slam winner and Editor-in-Chief head to the five-star Kessler Ranch in DeBeque, Colorado for a trophy elk hunt, one day of upland bird hunting for chukar and pheasant, and blue-ribbon trout fishing.