Love For Doves My wife, Jamie Webb on her first hunting expedition outside Paxton, NE. She loved the experience but descriped shooting dove like "trying to shoot a hummingbird"! Thinking something bigger like a turkey or duck is in her future...--Robert Webb.
Deer Hunter and his Dog “My uncle’s dogs was trailing a wounded deer that had been shot on an ajoining club. My uncle and another hunter both waded into a beaver dam to get the dogs and the bayed deer. The hunter shot the deer and most of the dogs scattered. After retrieving the deer, my uncle tracked his dog and found her tired after a long day’s hunt, and being a loving dog handler he helped out by giving her lift!”–Outdoorchic
First Bow Buck “Harvested my first buck with a bow this year… A 12 point. Its a main frame ten point with two stickers.He came in from straight downwind, he never winded me and i smacked him at 8 yards.”–rootheunicornslayer123
Muskie: 44 Inches “The first of 3 in 50 minutes. Great fun…Can’t wait for next year.”–Clayton Will
Dad and Hunter “Fall walleyes are turning on in Iowa. Not a huge one, but it’s a start.”–hunter6
Cape Buffalo “I shot this cape buffalo on June 16, 2009 in the Vredefort Dome area of South Africa with a .470 Nitro Express. The buffalo weighed over 2000 lb. and raw score puts it in the SCI record book.”–drhank
First Blood “The best time of my life. My husband Dan and good friend Adam helped me so much–my first animal–and he’s so beautiful. I’m getting him mounted, can’t wait to get him back, no more being a valley girl for me.”–brattbrown
Asleep At The Switch “Looks familiar doesn’t it? Does this remind you of somebody? Up at 4am and a little nap in at 1pm!”–Clay Cooper
Kara’s First Sail “I went to Iztapa, Guatemala with my dad for 3 days. He ditched the boys trip to take me instead. I landed 28 total! It was unbelievable trip!! We fished with world renown Chris Sheider on “The Release”–kara slick
Sydney’s First Goat “Sydney Ware, 12 years old, from Malta Montana shot this 15.5 inch pronghorn on block management land north of Forsyth Mt. It was her first shot ever at a big game animal. She was using a Rem 700 youth model in .243 with Leupold 3.5-10 VX III scope. She stalked the buck for about 1.5 miles and low crawled the final 35 yards through the grass and cactus to within 80 yards for the shot.”–bigskyware
Texas 10 Point “This is a buck that we got last year. Our county implemented an antler restriction stating that a buck must be at least 13 inches wide and already we are seeing results. This on top of our management program allows us to take some pretty good deer. I took this deer on Nov. 12. That is byfar my favorite day to hunt.”–jcpace
Wisconsin Super Buck This buck had 19 non-typical points and a gross green score of 186 inches & 173 5/8″ after deductions. Weight: 285 pounds before dressing and 245 pounds dressed. He is the potential non-typical record holder for Barron County, WI–the previous holder as published in the 2005 WI Buck & Bear clubs Trophy Record Book scores 158 1/8″.–shelbyfox
Minny Monster “Last year was my fourth year hunting and i’d only gotten does and a nubbin’ my first year, my grandpa told me to take his stand and i’d been sitting for about an hour when i saw a 7 point and took my shot, that afternoon my grandpa told me to go back out and if i saw a nice one, to fill his tag, i sat for maybe 10 minutes when this deer came out following two does.”–damon schwarz
49-Incher! “What a battle this one was.”–Clayton Will
The Catch of the Day Floating and fishing the James River in Missouri with some good buddies. Caught nine bass total between the three of us, but this one had to be the best. He wasn’t much bigger than the lure.–Mikehoncho
Muskie Man “I caught this trolling September 15, 2008. If I can do it so can you. Catch and release really works and all our fish caught are still swimming. Cept for an eater walleye or perch here and there. Join Muskies Inc. if you want to learn how to catch em. You may even win some cash and a trophy. Tell em Clayton sent ya.”–Clayton Will
Woof “This dog came in to a can call and caught a Muzzy from my new Horton Explorer at 35yrds.”–scott sosack
It’s On! “Two does sparing. Seen it in the field but never on camera.”–jcpace
Muzzleloader Muley “I watched this buck for two weeks before the muzzleloader season. I set up a trail cam by the field. I e-mailed my friend the pictures and we made a plan. We found the deer at daylight headed to bed down. The wind was blowing hard that day and allowed us to spot and stalk the resting deer. We got withen 60 yards of them and waited for him to stand up and the hunt was over.”–davidmeile
Fall Turkey Double “Moving along a woodland trail stopped next to an unseen, hunkered-down flock, they couldn’t stay put and flew to the north with 2 running, hopping, flying to the east. Set up immediately figured the two easterners would be responsive. Kee kee’d twice, one comes running back to the gun. Kee kee’d again second one comes running back.”–Charlie Elk
Bushnell Trail Cam “This picture was taken by a Bushnell trail camera seconds after I took a shot on a tom.”–lds577
Stick’Em and Stack ‘Em “Nice 10 pt. jumping an irrigation ditch 10 yards below tree stand before season. Good genes, good food, good habitat! Thanks Covert Stealth Cams!”–csstrachan
Lucky 13 This big 13-pointer came into the clover about 1 hour before sunset. He was quartering on me at 30 yards so I took the shot. Entered in two ribs behind the left shoulder, caught a lung, through the diaphram, and stuck out the right side, not the best shot but it did the trick. Thanks Harley!–KSU
Big Bass One on the left was 4 pounds; one on the right was 2.5.–brand717
6X6 We were on the 4th day of a 5-day outfitter hunt inside the Montana Scapegoat wilderness area. We were working the ridges trying to get a bugle and finally got one. We thought it was a smaller elk since we saw one quite a ways off but then we were pleasantly surprised when this 6×6 bull walked up to us about 20 yards away.–Bozz
Blackpowder Bull Shot this elk in Colorado during the 2009 muzzleloader season. It was a DIY public land hunt. My father-in-law Terry helped spot the bull and with the pack out.–Buffalomike
Love For Doves My wife, Jamie Webb on her first hunting expedition outside Paxton, NE. She loved the experience but descriped shooting dove like “trying to shoot a hummingbird”! Thinking something bigger like a turkey or duck is in her future…–Robert Webb

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