I blew into my Primos' Buck Roar call and when the deer stopped to look, I shot him with my Savage .243 bolt action.
My dad told me that he saw some nice bucks from his stand while bowhunting, so I decided to hunt his stand on opening day of firearms season. At day break I saw my Grandpa walk down by an old barn a couple hundred yards away. A few minutes passed by and a nice buck entered the field south of me. Grandpa shot the deer! We went to look at Grandpa’s deer–a nice 9 point. When we got there, Grandpa says: “I thought your dad was in that stand. I’m sorry Tyler I would have let you shoot him if I knew it was you.” Dad told me to get back in the stand and hunt because he knew that there were bigger deer out there. I did but didn’t see another deer. I continued to hunt that weekend and after school that week, but didn’t see anything to shoot.
On the last day of season November 24, my friend Mitchell and i went back out to Granpas for one last chance. On the way out there Mitchell kept messin’ with me saying, “Oh theres a buck!” So when Mitchell says it again, after we’d only been set up for 10 minutes, I didn’t believe him.
But this time, Mitchell was right.
There was a buck running through the field.
I blew into my Primos’ Buck Roar call and when the deer stopped to look, I shot him with my Savage .243 bolt action.
My Uncle Lance came down and field dressed the deer for me, and we called dad and granpa to tell them the news!
When Granpa got there i thanked him for shooting that little deer.
Dad was right! There was a bigger deer out here!

Missouri’s 16-year-old Tyler Lamb put the hammer down on a 200-inch buck on the last day of the season.